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Sun Aug 21 15:36:43 EDT 1994

August 1994  NAQP SSB

W9UP  (N0BSH, opr.)
Single op
Sultans of Shwing #1

160:      3     3
 80:     75    32
 40:    147    48
 20:    308    44
 15:     80    29
 10:    153    22
        766   178                    136,348

Great Sporadic E to the east for the first hour and off and on for the next
few.  Noise on the low bands didn't seem quite as bad as last August.  

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I couldn't get either of the (usually
excellent) 160 antennas to work.

Looks like the upper midwest (Wisconsin!!) was the place to be.  A good time
was had by all!

Now for a sidebar...

People ask from time to time 'who or what is W9UP?'  So I'll elaborate a
little.  W9UP is located on a prairie along the Mississippi River, a few
miles north of La Crosse, WI.  There are bluffs on either side but they are
far enough away that they don't have a serious effect on takeoff angles, etc.
 The path to Japan and Southeast Asia is a clear shot - absolutely no
obstructions - right up the river valley.  We usually do quite well in that

On a 10 acre piece of land, the station is built primarily around a single
135' freestanding tower with insulated base and elevated ground screen (the
last of what used to be and old, 5 tower, FAA installation of some sort.)
 There is a single Wilson System 40 (10 elements!!) tribander at the top.
 The tower itself is used as a 1/4 wave vertical on 160 and with the tuner
can also be used on other bands to provide a variety of patterns.  There are
2 bobtails on 75, one NE/SW and one SE/NW.  Then there is a full wave 160M
loop in triangular configuration with the apex at the top of the tower
(slopes down from the top) that can also be used on other bands with a tuner.
 It works very well.  Rounding out the antennas is a 5/8 wave 40M vertical,
also suspended from the top of the tower, a 40M dipole @ 45', a couple Lazy
Hs primarily for 20M and WARC bands, and a center fed Zepp.  A couple 500'
two-wire switchable beverages help out on receive.

We talk occasionally about building a 2 or 3 el 40 but have yet to take it
any further than that.

There are some limitations on the high bands with only one, high, antenna but
it's sure better than the alternative - NO antennas!

Inside, the radio that takes up residence is an old IC-751 but ops often
bring in their radio of choice.  The amp is an old homebrew 4-1000 that takes
up about half the room (well OK, not quite - but it is HUGE!)  I think it was
built in the 60s and it is still going strong!

Oh... W9UP is Phil Uehling, a retired electrical engineer, who mostly chases
DX but occasionally gets into the fray himself.  In most of the contests,
though, it's been Scott, KA9FOX; Chad, WE9V;
or me -  Mike, N0BSH.

For the record, I've probably made more than 10 times as many Qs from this
station as Scott.  Thus, I find it quite humorous when I work someone and
they automatically say "nice to see you again, Scott!" (Sorry dude - I just
had to say that  :-)  )-:  )  In fact I once considered using 'Not Scott' as
my name in the Sprint.  Maybe we sound similar on the air or something.

So, there you have it...  

73,  Mike  N0BSH
n0bsh at aol.com

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