Finding Best Rate

Thu Dec 1 12:41:59 EST 1994

Doug K1DG writes:
  > everyone with big rates be sure to run 
  > VE3SUN's "RATE" program (or equivalent) to 
  > find your highest 60-minute rate for possible 
  > listing in the "All-Time Highest Contest 
  > Rates" section of the 1996 CQ AMateur Radio 
  > Almanac (the 1995 edition is already at the 
  > printer...).

Since I thought I had a pretty cool hour at PJ8Z (around 340) I decided to
get this program from Peter Jennings VE3SUN.  It turns out the exact best
hour was 334.  Anyway I have uploaded this program to America On Line's ham
radio area.  To get it, go to the Ham Radio software area and look for
QRATE.EXE (self-extracting).

Or, if you have ftp capabilities, you can get it this way:

It tells you your best 1 minute, 10 minute and 60 minute rate.  Really cool!
 You have to create an ASCII file from CT (easy), and then you feed the ASCII
to his RATE program.

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at

P.S.  There are some other real cool utilities in his pub directory... check
'em out.

P.P.S.  Gotta crank out another babe update... heading to Madison (2.5 hrs)
to spend the weekend with Laurie.  This could go places!  News at 11.

P.P.P.S.  If you're making plans for Dayton '95, make sure you are going to
be in Dayton Thursday night for the Second Annual SULTANS OF SHWING party
suite!  Don't just hear about it Friday night... be there.  (no 2 meter rigs
or helmut-mounted 4 element VHF quads please)

>From p_casier at (Peter Casier)  Thu Dec  1 19:10:14 1994
From: p_casier at (Peter Casier) (Peter Casier)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 20:10:14 +0100
Subject: X5
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How are we supposed to log X5 stations in the cqww? As Bosnia-Herzegovina or
just as 0 point value?


p_casier at

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