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Thu Dec 1 09:54:06 EST 1994

I apologize for the mess that America On Line made out of my
epic description of the N2RM operation.  I hope you enjoyed 
the content despite the formatting.
KR2J at AOL.com

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Dec-1994 1049 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Thu Dec  1 15:46:09 1994
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  01-Dec-1994 1049 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim Reisert AD1C 01-Dec-1994 1049)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 10:46:09 EST
Subject: FONT
Message-ID: <9412011546.AA27456 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

Barry W2UP asked:

>Read the review of K6STI's FONT.EXE in NCJ and would like to try it. Is 
>there a site than I can request a copy to be e-mailed? Have no FTP 
>capabiltiy here. Tnx.

You can get it from CT-USER-REQUEST at eng.pko.dec.com.  Send these commands to
the server:

	GET uud.com
	GET font106.uu

UUD is the program you'll need to decode the ASCII font106.uu back into a
.ZIP file.

73 - Jim AD1C
reisert at eng.pko.dec.com

>From jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)  Thu Dec  1 16:09:32 1994
From: jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback) (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 08:09:32 -0800
Subject: Last two
Message-ID: <9412010809.ZM4395 at hpwsmjh.cup.hp.com>

The DX reflector has some notes about possible mail from the FCC to 
net members for the 14.247 net. Not comfirmed, but seems folks that
use last two are being givens warning about the practice. Could this
be the end to the practice? Sure hope so.

73, Jim, 'full call only', WA6SDM
jholly at cup.hp.com

>From John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org  Thu Dec  1 16:08:12 1994
From: John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org (John W. Brosnahan)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 09:08:12 -0700
Subject: Autek RF Bridge
Message-ID: <199412011608.AA00994 at teal.csn.org>

>From John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org  Thu Dec  1 16:12:07 1994
From: John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org (John W. Brosnahan)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 09:12:07 -0700
Subject: Autek RF Bridge
Message-ID: <199412011612.AA03025 at teal.csn.org>

>From Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com  Thu Dec  1 10:46:26 1994
From: Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com (Kurszewski Chad)
Date: 1 Dec 1994 10:46:26 U
Subject: Terminating Beverages In Shack
Message-ID: <199412011644.AA09083 at pobox.mot.com>

Hi All,

We recently put up two sets of two-wire switchable beverages at the KS9K
station.  We brought two runs of coax back to the shack for each set.  The
"feedpoint" has the impedance-matching and buck transformers and two outputs.

My question:

Does the unused positions/directions have to be terminated into 50 ohms to
work best??

I am concerned that if using the NE beverage, and having the SW coax
open-circuited (not properly terminated into its characteristic
impedance), that it will affect the impedance in the "feedpoint"
matching box and cause harm to the pattern/operation of the desired

Any help would be appreciated.

Chad  WE9V
Loud is Cool....yeah, heh, heh, heh, LOUD is COOL!!!
kurszewski_chad at macmaiL1.csg.mot.com

>From Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at mailstorm.dot.gov>  Thu Dec  1 16:50:50 1994
From: Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at mailstorm.dot.gov> (Larry Schimelpfenig)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 11:50:50 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9412011143.A14838-c100000 at mailstorm.dot.gov>

This came from the DX reflector. Perhaps some hope! 

73 de Larry K7SV in Virginia - lschim at mailstorm.dot.gov
Are we having fun yet?

On Thu, 1 Dec 1994, MR JIM H WILSON W4MWT wrote: 

> On 11/30/94 at 8:27 PM, OH2LVG wrote:
> >I recently got a telephone call from Allen Strauss WA5JTK, who is a >control
> >operator of a net that operates on 14,247.  He wanted to know if I >happened
> >to be aware of any complaints filed to the FCC against his net.  Of course
> >I
> >am not in a position to know something like that other than discontent >with
> >their practice of chasing other hams who happen to unwittingly be engaged
> >in
> >a QSO on frequencies 2-5 Kc's either side of 14,247 and for doing so in a
> >manner that could be described as "interference" and that many of his >flock
> >take to deliberately QRMing such QSOs from time to time.
> >subsequently I have gotten a few rumors back on internet and other sources
> >that there have been, allegedly, some hams in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona,
> >Ohio
> >and I think a few other places who have recently received citations for
> >illegal use of "last two letters" of their callsigns during net >operations.
> >These citations were not attached with forfeiture or punitive measures,but
> >were more in the form of warnings.
> >I am wondering if anyone out there on DX-reflector is aware of such
> >citations
> >either by OO's or by the FCC.
> ----------
> I do not know personally of anyone who has received a citation but I have
> also been hearing the 'rumors' and have overheard several stations
> discussing their 'Fox Candy Company' mail so it does sound to me as though
> the FCC may be getting involved in the 'last two' identification practice
> which has become so rampant in recent years.
> I have had several conversations (and written letters) to the FCC on this
> improper ID 'disease' and the last word I had from them was that they would
> 'do what they could' as 'time permitted'.  Maybe they have some time
> now.... I certainly hope so!
> Jim - W4MWT

>From John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org  Thu Dec  1 16:57:21 1994
From: John W. Brosnahan" <broz at csn.org (John W. Brosnahan)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 09:57:21 -0700
Subject: Autek RF Bridge
Message-ID: <199412011657.AA25723 at teal.csn.org>

(Our mailer has had some buffer full crashes this morning and I see that my
messages were sent but with no text.  One more time!)

The following paragraph is typical of a number of questions that I have
received about the Autek bridge and whether it can measure R + j.  Because
of the interest I felt that a general response might be in order.
>Can you determine R+j with the Autek RF-1 and some arithmetic???
>Since it gives composite impedance, how do I calculate the resitive 
>and reactive components. SWR is only good to one decimal place.
>I want to plug the R+j values into my L-net/T-net/Pi-net programs.
Well, yes, sorta!    The unit does not give R + j per se.  But if you measure
Z at resonance (ie where j = 0) you have R.  And if you move off frequency
a little bit the R changes very slowly compared to j so the new Z is
mostly due to j.  So by squaring and subtracting the resonant R (j = 0)  
from the square  of the off-resonance Z (which differs mostly by the 
reactance) and taking the square root of the difference you (sorta) get the j 
component and by knowing which way you moved and knowing which way the sign 
should go for what you are measuring you can determine the sign. All pretty 
messy and not accurate enough for anything except a first cut on component 
values for L (etc) networks.
And not very useful at all if what you are trying to measure is far from 
resonance and highly reactive, unless you know, a priori, that the Z is  
mostly reactive such as in the case of a SHORT (much less that a 1/4 wave)
vertical. In this case the Z is almost all capacitive reactance and the
Autek's Z measurement is virtually all due to -j and the Autek has the 
capability of switching to the L scale and giving the value of inductance 
required to resonate the vertical.
But nothing beats a good old GR-1606 (or the older 916) bridge (or a GR-1602 
swinging arm bridge for VHF/UHF).  I once bought a cherry 1602 in the wooden 
case for $5 at a flea market, so they are out there.
BOTTOM LINE:  The Autek is a slick little tool that can do many interesting
things and is well worth the price, but isn't a generic R + j sorta beast.   
73  John  W0UN  broz at csn.org

>From Victor Burns-KI6IM <vburns at netcom.com>  Thu Dec  1 16:58:24 1994
From: Victor Burns-KI6IM <vburns at netcom.com> (Victor Burns-KI6IM)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 08:58:24 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9412010814.A26791-0100000 at netcom3>

Our half attempt minus one tower and only one antenna up we submitted the 
following:  BTW anyone sharing QSL info AA6BB is the manager for 
V31DX-Just trying to snub out the errors sent earlier by some other "good 

Victor - KI6IM / V31VB

               CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1994

      Call: V31DX                    Country:  Belize 
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single


      160      116      241     2.08     11      22
       80      536     1099     2.05     16      49
       40     1424     3034     2.13     23      74
       20     2305     4916     2.13     28      91
       15     2304     5138     2.23     25     106
       10      486     1015     2.09     22      53

     Totals   7171    15443     2.15    125     395  =>   8,030,360

Operator List: John N6YRU, Peter VE3SUN, and Victor KI6IM
Equipment Description: Icom 781, Alpha 76A amp, Yaesu FT990,
Kenwood TL-922 amp. TH-7 tribander, 2 el 40 yagi, Butternut verticals for 80 
and 160.

All operation took place at the Belize Yacht Club, San Pedro Town,
Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America.

Club Affiliation: Cuba Libra Contest Club

* Victor Burns - KI6IM / V31VB               *   CUBA LIBRE CONTEST CLUB   * 
* Iliff, Thorn & Company                     *            V31DX            *
* PH (619)-438-8950   FAX (619) 438-8925     *     Home (619) 744-6836     *
* Snail Mail - 2386 Faraday Ave., Ste. 100   *     FAX  (619) 471-1428     *
* Carlsbad, CA  92008                        *         PO BOX  9794        *
* e_mail vburns at netcom.com                   *  Rancho Santa Fe, CA  92067 *

>From sellington" <sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu  Thu Dec  1 10:48:58 1994
From: sellington" <sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu (sellington)
Date: 1 Dec 94 10:48:58 U
Subject: Front end damage in multi-op stations

Receiver bandpass filters are fine, but the only way to protect a receiver
from a transmitter on the same band would be to install a device that 
automatically disconnects, or shorts out, the receiver input when
a large voltage shows up.  It would have to be carefully designed not to
introduce IMD or harmonics, of course.

Scott K9MA
sellington at ssec.wisc.edu

>From W0CG <GHOWARD at KENTVM.KENT.EDU>  Thu Dec  1 17:09:28 1994
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 94 12:09:28 EST
Subject: VP5VW Memorial to W9VW

The VP5VW CQWW CW operation is now history.  What started as a two man
transceiver and wire operation by W9VNE and K8MFO turned into a Multi Op,
Multi Transmitter effort by 8 guys from 3 states.   The operation itself
was dedicated to the memory of W9VW, legendary DXer, contester, and close
associate of Larry LeKashman, W9IOP. Hal Brooks - W9VW, along with W9IOP,
W4KFC, and W8DUS (now K4FW of TEN TEC) saved CQWW from extinction
after WWII when CQ Magazine decided they would no longer sponsor the
contest.   The foursome of VW, IOP, KFC, and DUS essentially handled the
entire contest for a number of years.  These were critical years and much
effort was expended.   Were they successful?   Apparently so, because
CQ Magazine essentially "begged" them to get the contest back!

Our operation was composed of a variety of individuals with differing
ideas and opinions on virtually every subject.  What we did not differ on
were the objectives of running a clean CW operation and having fun at the
same time!  Once the bell rang to start the contest the group conducted
business quite well!  We feel proud of our 12,000 or so QSOs and score
of 21 Meg or so. There is even more pride that we did it with
a quickly assembled Field Day type of setup. We feel that W9VW, our
friend and mentor, would have been proud to be there. Thanks to all
for the QSOs that allowed us to celebrate the memory of one of the
true great hams!     73 de Don Karvonen, K8MFO, for operators WD8AUB,

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu  Thu Dec  1 17:14:49 1994
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 09:14:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Last two
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9412010944.H22056-9100000 at bach.seattleu.edu>

> The DX reflector has some notes about possible mail from the FCC to 
> net members for the 14.247 net. Not comfirmed, but seems folks that
> use last two are being givens warning about the practice. Could this
> be the end to the practice? Sure hope so.
> 73, Jim, 'full call only', WA6SDM
> jholly at cup.hp.com

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!
73, Ward "When Last Heard" N0AX

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu  Thu Dec  1 17:18:03 1994
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 09:18:03 -0800 (PST)
Subject: SSB SS Sprint Results
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9412010903.A27472-a100000 at bach.seattleu.edu>

Sorry about posting delay...some CW contest interfered...hihi


First four hours of Sweepstakes - Thanks to all who sent in scores!
Looks like it might be a fun thing to offer a meal to the winner in
each category; Egg Rolls for QRP, Moo Goo Gai Pan for Low Power, and
a full Harvest Cornucopia for High Power.  Good show, all!  See you
next year...N0AX


KA9FOX  196 x 54        21,168


K7SS    250 x 65        32,500  
N7LOX   228 x 55        25,080
K7QQ    202 x 60        24,240
N0BIW   126 x 59        14,868  
W4ZYT   148 x 50        14,800  3hrs
N0AX    144 x 47        13,536  3hrs
WA7BNM  117 x 47        10,998  3hrs


K6LL    522 x 63        65,772
N7AVK   428 x 64        54,784
WB2K    365 x 68        49,640
WA6AUE  300 x 59        35,400
WB5CRG  257 x 63        32,382
AB6WM   236 x 58        27,376

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