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Thu Dec 1 07:40:55 EST 1994

>A number of amateurs here in Inuvik, NWT have tried some of the
>contests with the last one being the ARRL sweepstakes contest.  We
>thought that people might be looking for us, as there were only
>about 5 stations in the NWT division working the contest.  We found
>this to be wrong, as people were not listening.
>Maybe some one can explain what we are doing wrong, or ?????
>We found a number of stations had a good signal up here.  Tjhey
>would be calling, calling and calling CQ contest with no one
>answering them.
>Threfore we tried, and tried to answer them, with no reply.  There is the
>They were working a station every so often, but no pile ups.
>So..... What is the best way to get a station to heard you,
>when their TIME INTERNAL between receive and transmit between
>a CQ is so short.
>73 David   Minus 36 C today
>ve8nc at

Hi David. When I went up north to Zone 2 this year for CQWW I had the same
problem. Don't feel bad. It's not that they aren't hearing your full
callsign. It's simply that they aren't hearing you AT ALL. The condx as far
north as you are must've been even worse than I experienced. I hollered at
hundreds of loud (to me) signals with 1500w and a 7 el tribander and was
quite miffed that they couldn't hear me. Bottom line is that you're not
doing anything wrong, it's just the propogation. Please don't give up
though, you're to be commended for hopping in there.
73, John

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>From Lab Weiner" <lab_weiner at  Thu Dec  1 17:36:26 1994
From: Lab Weiner" <lab_weiner at (Lab Weiner)
Date: 1 Dec 1994 17:36:26 U
Subject: CQWW CW VE6JY
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Subject:   CQWW CW VE6JY

VE6WQ operator
Single Band 20M
1484Q   100 C   34 Z   482,936

Equipment: FT1000D, Alpha 77D, 4-30Mhz Log at 92ft on 50 ft boom, TH6 at 140
ft, ATB34 at 50 ft. (TH6 performed very well at this height). The big 20M
monobander is still on the ground. 

Conditions: TERRIBLE-  started out ok on first evening through Sat morning.
Deteriorated by Sat afternoon and band was dead by 0100 Sunday. No QSOs in
log until about 1500 Z Sunday. Beautiful aurora outside, No Europe on Sunday
AM, only a short opening to Africa. Managed only 200 QSOs all day Sunday
(nearly all USA).  
Joel VE6WQ

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