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Thu Dec 1 17:32:38 EST 1994

Did anyone notice the "Contest Errata" box on page 117 of the Dec CQ?  

Dave, WX3N, and I did a M/S effort in the 1993 CQ WW WPX CW contest and the
log somehow got lost.  It was sent in on time and the confirmation post card
that I sent in with it got sent back a couple months later.  When the high
claimed scores came out, our score was not listed.  Unfortunately, I waited a
couple months to do anything about it.  When I called the powers that be, the
results had already been sent on to CQ.  The log was E-mailed in that day and
a speedy correction posting was promised.   Does anyone consider 7 months
speedy?  Actually it's colser to 8 months, but seven issues of CQ have been
published since the results came out.

The results for the CQWW contests came out in the Sept and Oct issues.
 Corrections to some of the mistakes made in those listings have been already
 been published.  But not all the corrections.  I was not listed as the op of
K4VX for the SSB contest, and WX3N was not listed as the op of K4VX for the
CW contest.....  and Dave made top ten!  The powers that be were alerted of
these errors and nothing was published.  

To top that off, an error was made in the correction posting on page 117, Dec
CQ.   Not only was Dave not listed as an operator.....  well..... this is how
it reads.......   I didn't catch it the first time I read it.

                              1994 CQ WW WPX CW
            WX9E/0 was left out of the CW Multi-Single
            results.  They finished #3 USA with 4,822,847

I find this rather odd considering that I did a single op from here in IL for
that contest.  Have the results for the 1994 contest been published early
this year?  Aren't they supposed to come out in the May 1995 issue or
somewhere around there? 

I wonder if there will be a correction to the correction of the error
published...  and how long will that take?  

On another subject, Mark, AG9A, and I are heading to XE3 for the 10 meter
contest.  It's really a vacation that happens to coincide with a contest,
 we're celebrating Mark's graduation.....  masters degree in something too
technical for me understand.   Don't know the call we'll use yet, but it
won't be anything facny.  Don't know how much operating we'll do outside of
the contest, we're staying at a condo in Acapulco that's right on the beach.


Paul   WX9E

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