6D2X CW m/s score

george fremin iii geoiii at bga.com
Thu Dec 1 18:56:48 EST 1994

Thanks to K5TSQ and W5VX I got to go back to 6D2X to 
do the CW WW contest. It was alot of fun even though
I dont "know the code" and if you worked a lid, or 
tried to work a lid - it was me. :-) 
Well here are the numbers and some other numbers that you might
find intresting. 40 meters was awsome.  

We operate from a location that is just across the the river
from Texas - so unlike the other DX to the south and east
we get to suffer through the same conditions as the rest
of Texas - but sometime it is better for us - in that
the 6D2X station is pretty far south.  It is about 550 miles south 
of Dallas - Texas is a big place.
      Call: 6D2X                     Country:  Mexico 
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single


      160      190      388     2.04     13      20
       80      487     1057     2.17     25      53
       40     2003     4748     2.37     36     102
       20     1249     2934     2.35     34     100
       15     1266     2939     2.32     27      91
       10      109      281     2.58     22      47
     Totals   5304    12347     2.33    157     413  =>  7,037,790

The station has two towers. 
#1 - 120' KLM KT34XA @ 120', 40-2cd @ 130', 160m/80m invert. vee @ 120'

#2 - 60' - A-4 @ 60', D40 40m dipole @ 70', 80m invert. vee @ 60'

400' bev. to the north - it was not used too much - it was quiet. 

                              Continent Statistics
                 6D2X       Multi Single     28 Nov 1994  2359z

                 160   80   40   20   15   10  ALL   percent

North America    184  400 1268  811  861   45 3569    66.8
South America      5   15   24   20   38   23  125     2.3
Europe             0   26  169  238  181    3  617    11.5
Asia               3   36  521  159  157   19  895    16.7
Africa             1    5   14   13   13    7   53     1.0
Oceania            1    6   27   15   24   13   86     1.6

more numbers......

         160m    80m      40m      20m      15m      10m

   JA     2      34       505      147      156       19         
    K   166     367      1179      733      783       31         
   OH                       6       45       38                     
   VE     6      18        60       55       52        1         


George Fremin III
Austin, Texas C.K.U.                        
geoiii at bga.com

>From Robert A. Wilson" <n6tv at VNET.IBM.COM  Fri Dec  2 02:05:04 1994
From: Robert A. Wilson" <n6tv at VNET.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 18:05:04 PST
Subject: YK0A preliminary results, CQ WW CW

              CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1994

Call: YK0A                     Country:  Syria
Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi


160      344      971     2.82     10      46
 80     1292     3669     2.84     19      68
 40     2179     5970     2.74     28      94
 20     1875     5152     2.75     34      94
 15     1459     4229     2.90     23      70
 10      458     1367     2.98     18      48

Totals   7607    21358     2.81    132     420  =>  11,789,616

Operator List:  WA2TMP, K3NA, K6ANP, W6OAT, W6OTC, NW6P, N6TV, W0YK

Equipment problems, interstation interference, and some minor operator
illness made it impossible to compete at full capacity.  There was also
a very large mountain between our QTH and the U.S.  Didn't seem to
bother European signals much, but the U.S. was tough to work, especially
in the contest.

Bob, N6TV

>From Gary T. Schwartz" <garyk9gs at solaria.sol.net  Fri Dec  2 01:41:25 1994
From: Gary T. Schwartz" <garyk9gs at solaria.sol.net (Gary T. Schwartz)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 19:41:25 -0600 (CST)
Subject: FTP site for FONT.ZIP??
Message-ID: <Pine.3.02.9412011925.A9566-9100000 at solaria.mil.wi.us>

Does anyone have the FTP site address for FONT106.ZIP by K6STI??  The
address given in the latest issue of NCJ (n6nd.nosc.mil) is incomplete. 
There needs to be an "@" symbol.  I have tried the combinations with no
success.  Thanks for your help, in advance.  Please post to the reflector
so that everyone can get the correct address.

73 Gary
garyk9gs at solaria.sol.net

>From barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner)  Thu Dec  1 21:50:07 1994
From: barry at w2up.wells.com (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 94 21:50:07 GMT
Subject: VCR problem fixed
Message-ID: <96cowc1w165w at w2up.wells.com>

Thanks for the advice regarding my VCR/RFI. I started pulling the lines 
in and out one by one. Turned out to be a bad shield connection on the 
antenna input line. Beware those pre-fab F connector patch cables!
Now everything seems OK at high power.


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Usenet/Internet: barry at w2up.wells.com
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >K2TW (FRC)

>From peterj at netcom.com (Peter Jennings)  Fri Dec  2 03:35:31 1994
From: peterj at netcom.com (Peter Jennings) (Peter Jennings)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 19:35:31 -0800
Subject: Finding Best Rate
Message-ID: <199412020335.TAA05844 at netcom20.netcom.com>

> Since I thought I had a pretty cool hour at PJ8Z (around 340) I decided to
> get this program from Peter Jennings VE3SUN.  It turns out the exact best
> hour was 334.  Anyway I have uploaded this program to America On Line's ham
> radio area.  To get it, go to the Ham Radio software area and look for
> QRATE.EXE (self-extracting).
> Or, if you have ftp capabilities, you can get it this way:
>        FTP:   ftp.netcom.com:/pub/VE3SUN

Netcom, in its infinite lack of wisdom, has decided to rearrange
all of our ftp directories into subdirectories. The new ftp and WWW
directories are:

  FTP:   ftp.netcom.com:/pub/VE/VE3SUN
  WWW:   ftp://ftp.netcom.com:/pub/VE/VE3SUN/www/home.html

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please update any references you see.
I believe the old addresses are still symbolically linked but that
is only for a few weeks. Also, netcom is often overloaded during
peak times so don't be surprised if you have trouble getting in.

--                                                  peterj at netcom.com

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Fri Dec  2 04:41:00 1994
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 23:41 EST
Subject: LONG MSG Saga of a multi-single (W1CW)
Message-ID: <80941202044108/0006492564PK3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

        W6GO says that every contest weekend has its catastrophes of rig and
or computer or antenna problems...my problem is that my initial contest
years were spent multi-multi ing from W2PV, Jim almost never had a problem -
and when he did things were so well documented and understood that it was a
minor inconvenience only and only a short time later things were back to
normal. That was no accident. Since we have been putting together the
station at W1CW things haven't run quite as smoothly...neither my father or
I is an engineer and it shows at times!  The past weekend was one of those
times when it showed a little too much! 

        It was a Fall month in Tampa and the Sweepstakes contests had just
ended, meaning it was now time for the CQ WW CW...AKA the biggee

        Earlier this year good initial successes from the new station left
us optimistic that the Fall's CQWW could indeed be a real fun multisingle
...the unique rules of the CQ WW MS category mean that there is plenty for
several operators to do at any one time.  With the bottom of the sunspot
cycle at hand I decided we should go from a two position to a three position
multisingle - the new position would be a monoband 20 meter position, out on
the porch by the spa.  With a declining cycle (?) the DX will resort to 20
when they have no luck on ten and fifteen - hence 20 should be a guaranteed
multiplier cow, right?

The Saga

        Things went well with  the installation of the third station..the
ole Henry 2K was dusted off and it still was putting out a KW so we used it
along with my TS430S, and my 386 clone. Since this position was one band
only all we had to do was bring one feedline onto the porch, oh yeah and the
computer cable....oh yeah and the rotor cable...and oh yeah the 220 had to
be arranged....well that about does it.  OOOOOOOps Friday afternoon with the
station ready to go I was taught NOT to forget about grounding the station -
a nice RF burn on my finger is still with me! It reminded me all weekend
long - you see it was on my left hand pointer finger, the one i do most of
my CT typing with!  How could I have forgotten this simple thing!
Fortunately we had preliminarily checked out the computer network on Monday
night before the contest and all was ok...I am very proud of myself -
soldering all 25 pins of that DB25!  Station 3 was born.

        The wonders of the Florida atmosphere (spelled QRN) had been found
out in contests earlier this year and a Dad had laid out a beautiful EU
beverage - the first 260 foot half that is...on Thanksgiving morning in the
early moisture rich air I forded the canal alongside the property to sneak
into the neighboring field where the feed point end had to be laid ...
successfully wrestling the briars and huge weeds the south western end with
feed point was installed ...I sure hope we are never asked to remove that 10
foot ground rod! The beverage was fantastic...I cannot imagine contesting on
the lower frequencies from Florida without one ever again...we brought it
into the shack and with a T-connector shared it between station 1 (used for
160) and station 2 (used on 80). 

        Station 1 is the main day to day routine operating position and as
such was no big deal - Dad's OMNI VI and Titan - its bands: 160/40/15. 
Station 2 had to be wired up...coaxes were brought over to its coax switches
the linear was hooked up, an SWR meter put in the line...the usual - the rig
for #2 would be courtesy K1KNQ, an FT1000 - just back from ZF2JI's great SSB
Multi-Multi...note I had no problem with the FT1000 audio driving my stereo
cans at all. Station 2 was 80 meters and 10 meters with the 40 meter dipole
as a spotting antenna for when station 1 was to be on 160 or 15. Jack 'KNQ
showed up at lunch time and the FT1000 slid right in - we were QRV for 10
and 80 meters...the needles looked ok, etc.  At about this time Paul G4BKI
showed up with his 3865 clone which was the computer for station 2.  It had
2 comm ports, unfortunately we couldn't get the extra comm ports added to
the '486 at station 1 working so we needed a 2 porter for station two to
allow networking and the 2 meter TNC to feed CT.  Sounds like a CT thread!

        With all the boxes in place things seemed fine...the twenty meter
beam wasn't quite feeding right so we tried several things when we took out
the Matchbox we had put in the circuit it worked fine - we'd hoped the spare
Matchbox would help reduce interference. OK station 3, the newbie - can you
network, can you receive the spots from 2M, can you make QSOs....check check
check - ok 20 Meters is a go!

        Its a coupla minutes before 00 hour and it is time to boogie...the
forty meter beam had played SO well in WPX and the Sweepstakes I had no
question in my mind 40 would be our money band, probably rivaling 20 and I
wanted us to start on forty running EU whilst I would would be at 20 as the
multiplier station to start.

        AND THEY'RE OFF......0000 ZULU

        I start working mults on 20 tuning my way up the band...nothing
seems to be coming in from the forty meter position though...after about
five minutes I get a gab message saying 40 doesn't work.  I reply to try
using the dipole from station 2.....its been tried, it don't work either...
OK I become the run station on 20...you guys fix forty SAP, OK??? Mind you I
am at station 3 out on the porch - away from what's goin on...and I'm goin
nuts now - instead of enjoying the privacy of the new position!!
        A GAB MESSAGE COMES OVER THE NETWORK - forget forty its a wash
..."did we try 40 from position two?" I ask  - " yup, and its still not
working-either antenna".........CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Remember 40 is from the main operating position with the usual
antenna, nothing special...so of course I didn't bother to check it out
before the contest...I was too busy with the new position 3 and the
traditional second position-it never occurred to me that something might be
wrong with the routine stuff.  
        Well...if this isn't bad enuff...position 1 also is the 160
position, remember? Unable to do anything meaningful on 40 position 1 goes
down to 160 and guess what....the antenna doesn't work!!!! I told you this
was a horror story.  
        We continue to do our best on 20 and after a while we twist the
center conductor and shield of the 160 together and get it to load
good...along with a kilowatt of RF it works just fine, I work about a dozen
stations on 160 the first night.
        Saturday AM the coax out to the base of the tower the forty meter
beam is on is verified as OK...from there it is 135 feet up of hardline and
then the beam....the problem has to lie at the beam - our secret weapon. The
160 antenna is lowered and the fancy B&W center insulator is torn apart and
reworked - strong winds had caused an open!  This one is easily fixed - 160
will be fine Saturday night.  The forty meter dipole is lowered and the
center insulator is checked soldered and unsoldered - it seems fine but
obviously the antenna has a problem!  It goes back up and seems to load OK -
we will have a forty meter antenna for the second half of the contest...but
it ain't the beam-during the first six hours of the WPX contest with the
beam we sat on one frequency and ran ran ran....two weeks before in SS I had
a coupla 90 hours on the beam.....sigh
        Band assignments and sleep schedules are a total mess after the
first nights antenna fiasco - so we tuff it out til the end....
        To summarize - I am gonna take this as another learning experience
and believe you me, every EVERY E V E R Y antenna and station combo will get
checked prior to the contest from now on...I hope some of my friends on the
reflector can learn from our disappointment.

        Yeah, we did have some fun this weekend - Frank WB4BBH had a real
nice run on 80 the first night. Unfortunately, 2.6 million is a fraction of
what might have been...how does it go, wait til next year?  Hindsight is
indeed 20-20.

                                73, Jim K1zx

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Fri Dec  2 04:57:00 1994
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 94 23:57 EST
Subject: W1CW MS SCORE
Message-ID: <54941202045745/0006492564PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


Florida CW Contest Group


      1609  X  151  X  442 = 2.6 M
        Q       Z       C

160     38      14      29  
 80    299      24      74      
 40    238      29     101
 20    773      37     115
 15    216      28      83
 10     45      19      40

...see tearstained 7k msg for the weekend that coulda been

                                                de K1zx

>From James B. Wolf D611 x4638 MS25-71" <JBWOLF at most.ss3.magec.com  Fri Dec  2 13:37:36 1994
From: James B. Wolf D611 x4638 MS25-71" <JBWOLF at most.ss3.magec.com (James B. Wolf D611 x4638 MS25-71)
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 8:37:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Smoking M/S radios
Message-ID: <941202083736.1483d at most>

Date:	 2-DEC-1994 08:36:37.10
Name:	James B. Wolf D611 x4638 MS25-71
Subj:	Re: Smoking M/S radios              

From:	NAME: Wolf            <SN_U=JBWOLF at SN_L=HOSTNODE at MRS@MOST>

DATE : December  2, 1994          
TO   :    M.   INTERNET                    
FROM : J.B. Wolf                  
SUBJECT : Re: Smoking M/S radios             

smtp%"cq-contest at tgv.com"
We have been using light bulbs in the receive path for years.
As the bulb starts glowing its resistance goes up.
Believe me I have seen these bulbs very bright. So far
no dead front ends. Number 47 seems to work fine.
Of course BPF and stubs are a necessity, but *mistakes*
can happen.
Jim, KR9U

      James B. Wolf               

>From Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com>  Fri Dec  2 13:40:11 1994
From: Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com> (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 08:40:11 -0500
Subject: W3LPL Filters
Message-ID: <9412021340.AA19738 at hp-and.an.hp.com>

There has been considerable interest in my mention of W3LPL receive
bandpass filters. I will try to find the NCJ reference and put it out
on the reflector. Failing that, I will publish my circuit description
(which varies from the original LPL values somewhat).

-Tony, K1KP, fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com

>From Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com  Fri Dec  2 07:50:24 1994
From: Kurszewski Chad" <kurszewski_chad at macmail1.csg.mot.com (Kurszewski Chad)
Date: 2 Dec 1994 07:50:24 U
Subject: try this on your pentium pee cee
Message-ID: <199412021350.AA06813 at pobox.mot.com>

Len, WF2V, wrote:

> Subject: try this on your pentium pee cee

> 10 a# = 5505001
> 20 b# = 294911
> 30 PRINT (a# / b#)
> GOTO 30

> the right answer should be 18.666651972968116  but it is not! 
> According to intel, "The average user is not going to see this thing,
> except once in 27,000 years."  Seems to me they used a pentium to 
> compute the 27,000 years!  73 Len WF2V

This was discussed in a recent EE Times trade paper.  It was found by a
professor who was doing extensive research on fractions (like 1/xxxxxxx).
The answer given is good out to at least the 9th decimal place.  This is
not to say that when dealing with nanofarads or picofarads the answer will
be incorrect.  This is saying that when working in TENS of farads, the
answer MAY not be correct to the picofarad.

Intel said they have corrected the die of the Pentium and all further
Pentiums produced will have the corrected die.  They are not 'recalling'
the older dies.

Chad  WE9V

>From gjk at hogpa.ho.att.com (Gerald J Kersus)  Fri Dec  2 13:15:00 1994
From: gjk at hogpa.ho.att.com (Gerald J Kersus) (Gerald J Kersus)
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 94 08:15:00 EST
Subject: Kenwood Transverter Plug
Message-ID: <9412021315.AA08743 at hogpc.ho.att.com>

I'm want to directly hook my beverage antenna to my TS-940S.  According
to the manual, I can use the 8-pin XVRTR jack on the back of the
radio to do this.  Unfortunately, I (like apparantly MANY others out there)
found out that you can't just use a standard 8-pin DIN connector. The pin
spacings on the Kenwood plug are different.  Am I stuck ordering this
from Kenwood, or is there a convenient, more economical source for these
male connectors?

Please reply directly to gjk at hogpa.att.com.  Tnx.

Gerry, W1GD

>From fish at crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Fri Dec  2 14:55:18 1994
From: fish at crl.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 06:55:18 -0800
Subject: WRTC 95
Message-ID: <199412021455.AA28006 at mail.crl.com>

Is this a cancelled event?  I asked someone that knows alot about contesting
at CQ magazine and he didn't know either. 

 If someone knows, please post something to the reflector with EXACT details
about what we are supposed to be doing if we are interested in attending.


Bill Fisher, KM9P   -    Concentric Systems, Inc.  

>From Willy Umanets <uw9ar at chal.chel.su>  Sat Dec  3 01:44:14 1994
From: Willy Umanets <uw9ar at chal.chel.su> (Willy Umanets)
Date: Fri,  2 Dec 94 20:44:14 -0500
Subject: UN scores fm wwcw'94
Message-ID: <ABkrytkSK2 at chal.chel.su>

UN2L (UA9BA op), 80m 1250Q 34Z 108C est SCORE 445k
UN4L,            20m 1590Q 37Z 126C est SCORE 610k

got delayed in Kazakh cuz of business, just got back,
a contest story follows...
73, Willy, UA9BA
JV "Challenger Ltd"                 phone : 351-260-0190
Internet : uw9ar at chal.chel.su       fax   : 351-237-1756

>From p_casier at eunet.be (Peter Casier)  Fri Dec  2 16:15:08 1994
From: p_casier at eunet.be (Peter Casier) (Peter Casier)
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 17:15:08 +0100
Subject: X5
Message-ID: <199412021615.RAA10938 at box.eunet.be>

Thanks to all who responded to my query abt X5-stations in the cqww.
Outcome is: no points, no mults. Bob, K3EST confirmed this.



p_casier at box.eunet.be

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