W8CAR ARRL 160 Score

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Mon Dec 5 13:29:41 EST 1994

The 830(and 930, and 940 or any other Kenwood HF rig  with the Transverter
Jack) is real easy to deal with.  The Transverter jack has rx out and rx in
on it.  When you insert a din plug into that jack, it opens the connection.
 Check the schematic.  Run the RX out to the common of a coax switch and the
rx in to terminal #1 of the coax switch.  When you're in position #1, you
will be operating normally - that is, you'll be listening on your transmit
antenna.  You can now hook up your beverages to position #2 and so on to
select them as your receive antennas.  
!!!!**Warning**!!!!  If you run high power, you may want to short out the rx
input when you transmit.  When you use this method to bring the beveragees
in, you bypass the T-R switching in the rig and the beverage is directly
connected to the RX's front end.
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