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Here's one from the dumb question department:

John, KB4GID, mentioned that he missed 4U1UN. I didn't. He reported his
section as "UN". Is that a "country" that I can count as multiplier?

Thanks for any replies...

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>From Ed Gilbert <eyg at hpnjlc.njd.hp.com>  Mon Dec  5 18:46:16 1994
From: Ed Gilbert <eyg at hpnjlc.njd.hp.com> (Ed Gilbert)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 13:46:16 -0500
Subject: WA2SRQ 160m score
Message-ID: <199412051847.AA069033250 at hp.com>

WA2SRQ single-op high power score:

1026 Qs, 74 sects, 28 countries, 230,724 points, 26 hours

Icom 765, Titan, 80m inverted vee w/open wire feed, apex at 70'

Great conditions, especially the first night, and for once all my
local noise sources (touch lamp, power line noise, and neighbor's TV
set birdies) were not a problem.  Big thrill to hear kl7y and work him
through a good-sized pileup on the first call.  After that I thought
making worked-all-states would be possible, but never heard kh6cc.
Also missed VI and YUK.  Saturday's conditions seemed a little
noisier, and the west coast stations were not quite as strong, but
conditions to Europe were still good.  Had occasional dx answering my
CQs all evening, with a good spurt that started around 0530z.  There
were many that I just could not pull through without a beverage.  I
felt much more limited by what I could hear than by my transmitted
signal.  Some of the most difficult Qs were made during the daylight
hours with guys who were probably loading up their 20m antennas.  
All in all, great fun, and I'm looking forward to the next one in Jan.

Ed Gilbert, WA2SRQ

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