160 Test Soap Box

n0dh at comtch.iea.com n0dh at comtch.iea.com
Mon Dec 5 17:36:00 EST 1994

Well gang;

This was my first 160 test in years and I have the following suggestions

1) A "mandatory" DX window 5 khz for listening and 5 khz for calling a DX 

station who is calling CQ. Any one abusing this window and using it to call CQ 

would be DISQUALIFIED. period. You could call CQ outside this window and 

listen in it.

2) Designated referee's just like in other spoerts. These would be empowered 

with assesing penalties and or disqualifications. Among other things they 

would looking for "unsportsman" like conduct such as "pushing" people off a 

frequency just because you wanted to use it. There is a station in Iowa this 

year who was particularly blatant about this and several of us are thinking 

about lodging a formal protest/ complaint with the ARRL anyway. A QSY rule 

simuliar to the sprints might solve this problem say after every 10 QSO's.

3)Who ever used to call 160 the gentlemans band would roll over in his grave 

after this weekend.

4)MAybe a handicap multiplier for those on small lots! They get a mult and 

maybe you get extra points for working them. 

5) Extra points for any qso made between 1:00am and 5:00am local time. This 

would help participation in wee hours. Some intresting strategies in the 

making on this one.

Just some thoughts and observations

CU In the next test

"The bad news...life is hard
 The good news...life is short
	The moral... Contest often, chase DX, Eat desert first".


>From tree at cmicro.com (Larry Tyree)  Tue Dec  6 00:37:32 1994
From: tree at cmicro.com (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 16:37:32 PST
Subject: SquINT contest results
Message-ID: <9412060037.AA23147 at cmicro.com>

The first Internet SquINT contest was held on 2 December 1994.
As you will remember, this was a one hour contest where you 
got one of your kids to operate.  The final score was the 
number of fun minutes you spent with your kid(s) in front of the
radio time the number of favorable comments your significant other
gave you during the contest.  There were 10 bonus points for each
diaper changed during the contest.

The exchange was name, age and favorite colour.

Some of the younger ops lost interest, but most everyone seem to have
fun.  Here is a summary of the comments that have been forwarded to 
the kids at cmicro.com reflector which was set up for the results:

>From KR2J at aol.com Sat Dec  3 15:54:33 1994

Here is Emily's log:

Time  qso  call            age      name      color
18:15    1  KO9Y           5     ALYSSA   PINK
18:18    2  N9TFO        47    STEVE      GREEN
18:21    3  WB2K          5     ERICA       PINK  
18:42    4  WD5N        42     DAVID       BLACK  
18:52    5  W5XD         10     KAYLI       PURPLE 
18:59    6  K1VR          10     ANNIE      NEON   

Emily is 7 years old and her favorite color is purple.
We operated all 60 minutes and got 3 favorable comments 
from my XYL.   60 minutes x 3 comments = 180 points final score.
Anything favorable from my wife about ham radio
is astounding.  

We spent a very enjoyable hour together and Emily is
looking forward to the next one.  She's practicing
the exchange saying "8 years old". 

Condx were not the best for us with my puny dipole and barefoot
940.  Nonetheless my wife said that Emily feels very special today.

Thanks for a wonderful idea Tree!  Let's do it again with a little
more publicity and include state in the exchange.  Emily wanted 
to know where every one she spoke to was.

Bob Naumann 
KR2J at AOL.com


Reply-To: "Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr at k1vr.jjm.com>

Annie, age 10, favorite color:  Neon, made 8 QSO's.  We
started at 29 minutes past, which means that her rate for
her first contest (~16 QSO's/hr) was a gabillion times
better than the rate I had in my first contest.  As I
recall, it was 1956.  I was age 10, and I made about 45
QSO's in two weeks.  Annie pronounced the event:  "Awesome."

Highlight:  When she echoed perfectly to Kelsey (age 11,
green), as I whispered in her ear:  "N4 Bravo Oscar, this is
K1 Victor Radio."  Ah yes, the sins of the father have thus
been visited upon the daughter.

In re Push to Talk

     Steven, age 7, didn't want to talk over the microphone.
He just wanted to sit on the floor under the operating desk
and push the foot switch.  That's why some of our responses
were a bit delayed.

     Annie:  "Steven, push."

     Steven (returning from Mighty Morphin brainwave
     thinking):  "Huh?"

     K1VR:  "Push the footswitch, Steven."

     Steven:  "You don't have to shout."

     Annie:  "Just push it, Steven."

     Steven:  "Okay, okay."

K1VR Thought

     Best event this station has entered in a whole week.
Looking forward to another.
                      Fred Hopengarten K1VR

>From chipa at eskimo.com Sat Dec  3 21:24:19 1994

Accoring to Tree's scoring formula, Ben (3 years, 4 mo.) scored 41 
points:  41 minutes X 1 comment (no diaps), but alas, zero QSOs.
He listened like mad, loved it, wanted to give out the info (red and
green), but told me he would flat REFUSE to say call signs.  Sigh...

As they say, "wait til next year".

Chip, K7LR (SquINT STEALTH station)

>From 0006125879 at mcimail.com Sun Dec  4 12:24:21 1994

TIME  FRQ/MODE    CALL       SENT          RCVD                   
18:04 14 /SSB WB8VNX   1  Tracy 9 prl   BLUE-ED 6              
18:13 14 /SSB N2MZH    2  Tracy 9 prl   BLACK-PATTI 3           
18:22 14 /SSB N6VI/KH6 3  Tracy 9 prl   BLUE-ERIC 3             
18:24 14 /SSB NQ0I     4  Tracy 9 prl   PURPLE-SARAH 7          
18:30 14 /SSB K1VR     5  Tracy 9 prl   FLORESCENT-ANDY 10      
18:42 14 /SSB W5XD     6  Tracy 9 prl   PURPLE-KAILY 10         
18:47 14 /SSB K1KC     7  Tracy 9 prl   WHITE-CHRIS 3           
18:49 14 /SSB N3RR     8  Tracy 9 prl   GREEN-BRIAN 10          
18:52 14 /SSB WB8VNX   9  Tracy 9 prl   BLUE-ED 6              
18:57 14 /SSB KO9Y     10 Tracy 9 prl   PINK-ALYSSA 5           
Tracy and I had a great time!! Heard some good contest ops out there.
       73/88 Brian and Tracy N7LOX            T O T A L S : 10
>From 0006008716 at mcimail.com Sun Dec  4 13:24:50 1994

K1DG (plus Jenny, fave color turquoise, age 9)

3 Qs. No diapers. Hung in about 10 minutes before calling it no fun.

Some jerk on 14272 kept yelling at us every time we called CQ anywhere between
270 and 276. SOme net on 280 doing the same.

Kids' voices extremely difficult to understand on SSB.

She much preferred going outside to play basketball with me. She's got this
killer backwards diaper shot in H-O-R-S-E...

Wrote out a script for her to use, but forgot about the QSY rule. She wanted
to run 'em. Like OM, like daughter.

>From jeff at njo.dec.com Mon Dec  5 10:30:57 1994

Hello from New Jersey...

We gave our best effort - here is the story:

Carrie (age 3 going to be 4 1/4/95) has a pretty high squeeky voice that 
is difficult to understand on FM, let alone in the thrush of gezzer net 
territory and inveterate dx'ers.  I only had about 5kc to work within the 
20kc alotted!  It was approaching nap time rapidly - we practiced and Carrie 
was plenty excited at the prospect of using Daddy's BIG RADIO (not the little 
radio in the car :-)!

We sit down at the appointed hour and her first words are:  Where is my
Chocolate Milk Daddy?  At this point I take a diaper break for Carrie's
sister Kira (17 months) and put Kira down to nap  (were ready now...).

Will Carrie even make one contact?

We get back to the shack and she is simply drinking her milk...  Oh Well -
at least we tried...  I setup a speaker (i also usually use headphone - Hi
John) and found the signals marginal at best - Carrie heard LOX so I stopped
tuning and we listened - She finally put the milk down and sent the call.

Carrie and I had a blast!  N7LOX/Casey (we mean Tracy :-)/9/Purple
was our only contact at 13 past the hour - ( Brian/Tracy: We are curious 
what we sounded like on the other side???) - Carrie was way too busy laughing, 
licking and kissing the mic (the mic story is pretty good and will share that 
in a minute...)

We operated/listened for about 25 minutes - then Carrie had to get down for
her nap - she gets way too silly when she is napped... (opposed to cranked
when it is bed time at night !!!) - Oh - cannot forget the several comments 
from my wife (Beth), including: 

	"I though you guys were playing Fatty Bear again!!"

Score - we don't need no stinkin' score :-)  See ya'all next time...

Vy 73 from Jeff/Carrie/Kira

The mic story: I bought my ts940 used this summer - have been a ham for a
few years now and just sold off my first radio (icom ic-730) - The 940 did
not come with a mic!  So, I purchased a boom setup that works out great.
What do I do now to let Carrie OP?  (she was strictly a cw op prior to this
event ;-) I went to our local friendly packet sysop (who live walking 
distance - Ah, maybe that is why Carrie was so tired, we walked there and 
back!!) - He has a ts940, so I asked if I could borrow a mic for a few hours 
and showed him the posting of the event.  He had a very thoughtfull look on 
his face and said he thought he might have something, what kind of radio do 
you have - I told him - same as you - that is why I thought to ask...  
well to make a long story short (this is prob already too long and if you
got here, i suppose this was mildly interest...) - he GAVE US a mic from one 
of the packet radios that worked out great- he said come to think of it, 
my 940 did not come with a mic either and I did the same thing!!!
"Happy Hanukah" said he...
>From sjb at adm01.rfc.comm.harris.com Mon Dec  5 10:31:17 1994

Thanks to NJ0U, the loudest station here for two QSOs.  One with my daughter
Sara and one with my son Alex

Rcvd                      Sent

NJ0U Kyle age 6 Pink      WA2LCC Sara age 3 Yellow
NJ0U Kyle age 6 Pink      WA2LCC Alex age 8 Red ? I dont remember

"Score"  45 min * 2 comments = 90 points.  1 potty break.

Many yawns while talking, from my daughter.  She lasted 40 minutes !! She calls
a mean CQ, when not yawning.  Using VOX worked best.  BIG smile from Sara when
she knew Kyle was talking to her !  Went to McDonalds, for the after contest

I've got to get a new QTH so I can put up some real antennas.
Great idea for something different !  Made my son do 5 minutes.

Scott WA2LCC, sjb at rfc.comm.harris.com
>From jeff at njo.dec.com Mon Dec  5 10:31:22 1994

My good friend, Becky, N2TES, will be creating a special certificate
to commerate this very special event.  This will be in addition to any
standard qsl'ing that may be going on!  She is very creative and promises 
a very attractive certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The custom info needed for each certificate (multiple certificates per
household OK if more than one child operated - they each get one!):
[participate does not mean you had to make a contact - send along the info]

1)  Call sign used
2)  child's name 
3)  age
4)  color
5)  qth

We can figure out logistics as we move along...

what great fun :-)

n2mzh at njo.dec.com

>From bkennamer at arrl.org Mon Dec  5 10:31:37 1994

Well, we tried.
Tyler Graham said he wanted to operate a contest with Daddy, so I taught him 
CQ Contest. He had difficulty with the callsign, but we were ready to try

When we got to the radio, he wanted to use "his" radio (TS-690) instead of
the regular one. So I quickly changed radios. By then the action started. I
got set up with two sets of headphones, and gave him the Pro-set. He then
complained that the volume was too loud, so I adjusted the balance. Then he
wanted the hand mike for "his" radio, so I quickly changed that. I then
tuned in on K1DG, and started prompting him to call.

At the point, he said, "Daddy, I want to play blocks now," and took off the
'phones and jumped out of the chair. I guess we had reached the end of his
three year old attention span.

Oh well, there's always next year.

"Quick, where's my Logbook?"
"I thought I saw it last year under pile of SS qsl's, dear"
"OK, here it is..........where's my daughter?"
to myself..."What frequencies?" - "What exchange?"
            "footswitch or vox?"

1822z I hear "CQ kids contest WB8GNX"

My daughter, Kelsey, is a natural.  She is left - handed, so she can
already tune with right hand and log,(remember log?) with left.  I think
she hears better that I do too.  (Oh yeah - Berkeley in 60's - Rock
Bands etc)

8 q's in 48 mins.  No diapers.  Left those in New Jersey in '86.

Fantastic ops from 3 to....42?  David, WD5N must have misplaced his kid.

Still getting N4BO from 13 % of stations worked.  Nothing changes.

I don't know how to score this since I didn't read the rules carefully.

So we'll call this a check log.  Wait till next year.  Full 60 mins.
Cartoons off...Master.DTA.....N6TR log new version for SquINT.....
Full contest diet of Hot Chocolate and Super sugar flakes....YEAHHHH!

Guest op from east coast....gotta call my NNJ buddies...hope all the
good kids aren't at N2RM or LPL.

Bottom line....Daughter says she would like to do this again...Let's...

Eric NV6O age uhhhhhhh  flat black with purple (far out under UV lights)
edwoods at pacbell.com
>From fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com Mon Dec  5 12:25:13 1994

SQUINT Contest Log - K1KP & Son Christopher:

55 minutes at rig; 4 QSO's; many others heard but not worked:

NJ0U  Kyle     6 Pink
N7LOX Casey    9 Purple
KO9Y  Alyssa   5 Pink
K2OP  Mark     4 Green


Tremendous event for OM & Son! Now I know why Icom put the FLOCK button
on the 765! (Never could figure that out before)! In spite of major
squirminess, managed 4 solid QSO's. QRM was tough on 20. I had to be
really quick to re-adjust all the knobs Christopher was 'adjusting'. Not
sure the monitor scope will ever be the same! Got a few positive comments
from XYL. Biggest Downer was Spanish-accented ham on 14.270 who was heard
to say "Why don't you go away with your stupeed contest? What are you deef?".
I couldn't believe the contest haters would take it out on a bunch of 4 
year olds!

-Tony, K1KP, fisher at hp-and.an.hp.com
>From uszvn9l6 at ibmmail.com Mon Dec  5 14:12:17 1994

Squint log for WB8GNX
Report Sent - Eric, 5, Blue

LOG                           RECEIVED
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:07    oops    Marcy     5   Purple
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:13    WA6CTA  Lauren    5   Pink
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:24    N6VO    Chelsey  11   Green
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:28    AB6FO   Kiley     5   Blue
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:29    W5XD    Kayli    10   Purple
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:38    KA5LL   Joe      Adult rpt.
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:51    N7LOX   Tracy     9   Purple
03-Dec-94  14/SSB    18:55    WD5N    David    Adult rpt.

Eric had a great time. It became quickly apparent that phonetics were
necessary, the band sure seemed crowded from our end.  Maybe next
time increase the spread of the suggested frequencies.  It was
interesting teaching Eric the on the air operating items we all just
do instinctively. Overall it worked out pretty well, a good idea.
He is ready for the next one.  Also, the wife wanted it known that
she made 5 visits to the shack with favorable comments to help boost
the "score".

 73's from Craig and Eric.
Reply-To: johnp at pc16.idcg.com

OP: Lauren Paige Pescatore
Age: 4
Favorite Color: Yellow and Black

Lauren is on a butterfly kick - couldn't get her to pin down just *one* favorite color.

Her attention span is about as long as her dad's:

RESULTS: 2 QSOs x 15 minutes of fun, diapers over with years ago = 30 points.

The area of the basement that holds my shack also serves to store Lauren's archival toy 
storage (cache is on the living room floor, online hard drive is her bedroom floor.) The fun 
of talking with Bryce et al on the radio paled in comparison to all those toys she hadn't 
played with in a year or so.

John Pescatore WB2EKK
>From rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM Mon Dec  5 07:26:55 1994

Well Emily, three plus years old, and I tried to make some
contacts.  Actually it was me that was trying to get her to talk to
some of the other kids.  Emily was enjoying drawing on and cutting
up the scrap paper that I keep by the radio while listening to all
the favorite colors.  Things were hopeful for one almost-contact.
Emily actually spoke with an open mike.  It was to me and had
nothing to do with trying to talk with the kids at the other end
however.  She enjoyed spending time with daddy by the radio.  I
have to do that more often with her and maybe next time she'll do
the talking.  We were at the radio together from 1810Z through 1921Z.

Thanks to Ft.  Wayne, IN (I only have a vague idea of the call
without my notes which are at home!) and his daughter and son for
being patient with Emily and trying to get her to say
something...anything.  She was smiling when the kids were talking
and pouting when she was put on the spot!

The wife loved the idea and had favorable comments from the time I
mentioned Larry had come up with the idea a few weeks ago!  She
visited the shack with our 1.25 year old and even took some pictures.
This is a good thing for the health and welfare of amateur radio in
the Rossi household.

73 de N1PBT...Ron  (rrossi at vnet.ibm.com)
>From wb2k at ritz.mordor.com Mon Dec  5 04:23:48 1994

Erika's log...kinda/sorta

Call      Name      Age   Color
KR2J      Emily      7    Purple
WA6CTA    Lauren     5    Pink
KO9Y      Alyssa     5    Pink
NV6O      Kelsey     11   Orange
AB6FO     Bryce      7    Green
W5XD      Kayli      10   Purple
N6VI      Erik       3    Blue

I had to work this weekend and wasn't sure I was going to be able to make
it home, hence I kept the contest a secret in order to avoid potential
dissappointment. Fortunately I caught a break and made it...

Our first couple of QSO attempts quickly revealed a few things:
- A bit of practice would have helped. Telling her about the contest at
  1800z doesn't leave much time for warmup.
- 20m is just as tough a band for kids. Our first few tries had us doubling
  with other stations. I quickly added "OVER" to our cheat sheets.
- I ALWAYS wear headphones, but of course couldn't for this one. Gawd, is
  it hard to copy from a speaker!

We started with me holding her in my lap with one hand, mic in the other
hand, logging with my other-other hand, tuning with my other-other-other
hand. By the time we were done, I had been kicked out of the chair, the mic
had been forcefully ripped from my hands, and I was urging her not to talk
so fast! This from a girl who admits to being a bit shy.

Erika loved it...I mean LOVED it. After it was over she immediately wanted
to know if we could do this every day!

Score = Who cares... We both had a ball. My wife admitted to sneaking down
without either of us noticing and watching for a while. Her smile was worth

Let's do it again! 73, John & Erika
John A. Ross, IV  - WB2K / VE2TJA [Zone 2]  (wb2k at ritz.mordor.com)

Here at N6TR, Theresa made 3 QSOs and lost interest after about 10 
minutes.  Age = 3, Color = Pink.  

There were other comments, including a phone call from N6VI/KH6 who 
had a great time with his son (age 3).  He was walking around the
house the night before going "CQ SPRINT N6VI" and "MY NAME IS ERIC,
AGE 3 AND MY FAVORITE COLOR IS BLUE"  I lived with Marty for a couple
of years, and he used to do the same thing.  I was worried about a
CPA who keep saying he was 3 years old however.

Guess we might have to do another one...  maybe we should let the 
YF's get a shot???

Tree N6TR
tree at cmicro.com

>From kaul at ix.netcom.com (Alan Kaul)  Tue Dec  6 02:15:57 1994
From: kaul at ix.netcom.com (Alan Kaul) (Alan Kaul)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 18:15:57 -0800
Subject: Fwd: Mailing list or file server error (fwd)
Message-ID: <199412060215.SAA09122 at ix2.ix.netcom.com>

---- Begin Forwarded Message

Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 13:51:19 -0800 (PST)
From: Alan Kaul <kaul at netcom.com>
Subject: contest entries by modem!
To: cq-contest at tgv.com
CC: dx at unbc.edu
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9412051333.A936-0100000 at netcom>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII

Hats off to ARRL for allowing BBS/e-mail input of contest entries.
I used CT and last night, after the ARRL 160M contest ended, I zipped
all pertinent files into a zip2exe file and uploaded.  Since most major 
contest sponsors allow filing electronically (.bin files on disk, etc), 
it would be TERRIFIC if all the major sponsors would also allow e-mail 
ands BBS-filings.  ARRL does, last years CQ WPX did, what about the CQ 
entries?  Can we coerce CQ magazine to open a BBS?  Or should we try to 
find a ''sponsor'' who will act as a repository for entries and then 
forward them on via disk or (ugh) printout?  Perhaps if the CQWW could 
be filed via modem I would not have forgotten to send in my 
SSB entry before the December 1st deadline!  Amazingly, I sent in my 
SS entry and FORGOT the CQ WW SSB!

	             [<Alan Kaul, W6RCL>] kaul at netcom.com

---- End Forwarded Message

>From Steve Sacco <0006901972 at mcimail.com>  Tue Dec  6 03:18:00 1994
From: Steve Sacco <0006901972 at mcimail.com> (Steve Sacco)
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 94 22:18 EST
Subject: KC2X 15M Results + Comments
Message-ID: <63941206031836/0006901972DC4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

                    CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1994

      Call: KC2X                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator


       15      627     1782     2.84     31      99

     Totals    627     1782     2.84     31      99  =>  231,660

Equipment Description:  Yaesu FT-1000D
                        Ten-Tec Titan
                        386/25 Clone PC
                        Cushcraft 15-4CD @ 100'
                        Cushcraft A4S @ 40'

Club Affiliation: Florida CW Contest Group   


Played hard Friday night, and worked lots (33 over the entire 'test) 
of JA and some good mults.  A couple of local ham buddies came over
Saturday, to help me put up the last of my towers.  Except for some playing
around before they arrived, and working the occasional multiplier on my way
to getting a cold soda, I was essentially QRT all day long.

They were supposed to come back Sunday so we could finish the job, but
couldn't, so I went back to the contest in full-tilt-bozo mode.  

Had an 85 13:00 hour, a 102 14:00, a 96 15:00, a 90 16:00 and a 75 17:00,
but then condx folded, and I couldn't help wondering what I missed on 

See everyone in the 10M Scatter Test

Steve KC2X
Narcoosee, Florida

>From Norton, Richard" <nortonr at MRD.SRL.dsto.gov.au  Tue Dec  6 21:56:00 1994
From: Norton, Richard" <nortonr at MRD.SRL.dsto.gov.au (Norton, Richard)
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 94 13:56:00 PST
Subject: CQ WW DX Contest Diskette Submissions
Message-ID: <2EE4DE11 at msmail.dsto.gov.au>

A recent posting to this reflector got close to what the CQ WW DX Test log 
checking committee desires. What is actually desired follows.

If you use K1EA's logging program, send your .BIN file labelled as 
W1XYZ.BIN. Use your own call of course.

If you use N6TR's program send the LOG.DAT file labelled W6XYZ.DAT

If you use K8CC's program send the .QDF file labelled W8XYZ.QDF.

If you use DBase, send the .DBF file labelled JA4XYZ.DBF. DBase or other 
personal logging programs are not  preferred log types as it takes 
reasonable effort to decode it.

 If you send an ASCI list of calls, with one call on each line, label it 
W2XXX.16A, W2XXX.80A, W2XXX.40A, W2XXX.20A, W2XXX.15A, or W2XXX.10A, as 

There  are a few more file types the log checking programs handle 
automatically, but I forget the exact list and format types.

Do not send an ASCI copy of the log like the posting suggested. Even if you 
can't read the .BIN file, the computers can.

If you use another program or send a tricky file, there is a possibility 
that your file will be decoded. There is a chance that there is too much 
work and it will not.

If you are portable, please use only the root call.


KH6/N6VI would send in N6VI.DAT.
EA1AK/8 would send in EA1AK.BIN.

Please do not add anything to the names other than the root call.


not W2XYZ15.BIN

For the diskette, please do not break your log up by band. Please do not put 
both phone and CW on the same diskette. Doing so increases the chances of a 
log getting lost.

Please do not send any executable files, such as self extracting compressed 

If you follow these conventions there is a better chance that your entry 
will get correctly handled. There is some chance that it also might be 
handled correctly if you do not, but why test the log checkers abilities.

I have not checked with Bob Cox, but my mind reading abilities suggest that 
he might be a little more receptive to electronic submission of small logs 
if someone bought him a large computer system with Internet access. 
Seriously, the current log checking system makes use of both paper logs and 


Dick N6AA

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