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W7NI at delphi.com W7NI at delphi.com
Wed Dec 7 23:15:24 EST 1994

I thought I had a lot of OO cards but KL7RA has me beat in
quantity but I am not so sure about quality.  I hve 28 cartds from
15 different states representing all 10 US call areas.

BTW I believe the OO system has changed a lot since the 60's when
I got most of my cards.  I think there are very few OO's these days
and I think they are supposed to concentrate on warning you about
FCC rules violations and perhaps flagrent ? (spelling?) operating
practices. Anyway, its been a long time since I got one.

I got one citation from the FCC monitoring station in Hawaii in
the 60's when I was operating W7TML/6 (my regular 6 call was 
WB6ENX) from my home and I wanted to sound like a field day
portable to get the rate up.  Anyway, the citation (notice?) was
for improperly identifying my location as a portable.  They actually
wrote on the notice that I said "59 Los Angeles" ( which was my
section and, conveniently, the city I was in).  I responded as I
was required to do within two weeks and told them I did not
recognize that I had somm? committed any violation since everyone
of the 1200 stations I worked clearly understood I was in LA.
How is it that they did not know I was in LA?  The example for
proper ID procedure that was in the ARRL License Manual at the time
said something like "15 miles noth ? North of Bethesda, MD".  I
was actually in LA which is , I think, more specific than 15 miles
North of anywhere.  In any case, I asked them what was to happen
as a result of the notice and they ignored my request for an
explanation.  I asked again in a registered letter and they still
ignored me.  I still regard the FCC's behaviour as poor and not 
appropriate under the circumstances since I wasn't sure if they even
received my letter or not or whether their next step would be to
suspend my license.  I finally quit worrying about it.  I guess
I"m OK since that was 30 years ago!

Stan W7NI at delphi.com

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