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Wed Dec 7 18:49:56 EST 1994

Thanks to everyone for offers/suggestions.
Have it all figured out for now.
Not hard to find a better QTH than W5 for a DX test
at this point in the cycle.

Jeff KR0Y
jsteinman at

>From ni6t at (Garry Shapiro)  Thu Dec  8 00:33:35 1994
From: ni6t at (Garry Shapiro) (Garry Shapiro)
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 16:33:35 -0800
Subject: NI6T ARRL 160m Contest
Message-ID: <199412080033.QAA23525 at>

NI6T results:
565 QSO's, 1190 QSO pts, 71 sections, 4 countries, 89,250 pts

Having labored for most of both nights, I thought I had done at least 
respectably well--until I saw the East Coast results.

I found some guy in North Carolina or someplace who had about my score: 
he was on for like 5 hours.

I worked PY0FF for my first QSO. After that--other than for the KL7's, 
KH6's and JA's that Californians are expected to work--there was no DX.
WP4IIW was water-weak here and I heard nothing else from the Caribbean, 
Central or South America.

Of course, how the hell COULD I hear them, unless they had found some 
niche free of our stateside brothers camped out in the window for the 
entire contest?

Guys in the Bay Area and the east coast told me I was loud. But my rates 
went up and down like a hooker's shorts, reflecting long periods where 
there was NOTHING not previously worked.

>1000 QSO's? >40 countries? Sustained rates over 100? Was I in the same 
contest? Please, west coast little pistols: post your scores: I need 
something real to calibrate by! 

>From Lyndon Nerenberg   VE7TCP <lyndon at>  Thu Dec  8 02:12:49 1994
From: Lyndon Nerenberg   VE7TCP <lyndon at> (Lyndon Nerenberg VE7TCP)
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 1994 18:12:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: reply to N3RD
Message-ID: <Pine.BSI.3.90.941207180939.26280C-100000 at>

> Dearodearodear.... At ZM2K, the only running water is from a plastic 
> container, or you can stick your head in the trough outside if you are 
> game enough.

Hrumph. Luxury! This time of year at VE7ZZZ we have to chip through the 
ice in the rain barrel to get at the wet stuff. By mid-January even that 
doesn't work as the whole lot is frozen solid.

Actually, I jest. Some wimp installed running water earlier in the
fall :-(


>From mtrowbri at (Michael Trowbridge)  Thu Dec  8 03:13:50 1994
From: mtrowbri at (Michael Trowbridge) (Michael Trowbridge)
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 94 22:13:50 EST
Subject: 160 qrp scores
Message-ID: <9412080313.AA43866 at>

Greeting from Va

here are two qrp scores for the arrl 160 contest

wa4pgm   qrp    532   62     3     69,745    15.4 hours

ka4rru   qrp    374   48           36,048     19 hours

how about it lets hear those qrp score .... send them to Chad (
the nice guy doing the 160 scores

73 de mike

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