IF-10B Interface Info.

ron481 at austin.relay.ucm.org ron481 at austin.relay.ucm.org
Thu Dec 8 18:32:16 EST 1994

I have one Kenwood IF-10B Interface, new still in the box & never
   used. With sales slip. I want just what I paid for it.. No more
   no less.

   I hope this isn't breaking any reflector rules.
   I was told the IF-10B is hard to find. I would rather some contester
   that really needs it, get it. Rather than some Packet racket Jughead
   that wants it just because it's something he doesn't have.


  de Ron AB5KD <ron481 at austin.relay.ucm.org>

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at world.std.com>  Thu Dec  8 22:49:45 1994
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at world.std.com> (Randy A Thompson)
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 22:50:45 +0001 (EST)
Subject: Results: CQ WW CW Team Entries
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9412082218.A7345-0100000 at world.std.com>

Preliminar results for the ZD/Internet teams in the 1994 CQ 
Worldwide CW Contest. 

The Uno-banders -- All single band entries	  Total >2.5M
UN2L (op. UA9BA) 80m		445K
9M6NA (op. JE1JKL) 20m		989K
IO9T (IT9TQH) 20m		846K
NQ0I 20m			?
DL0IU (op. DL4AAE) 20m		247K

Five is Enough -- All QRP (or QRP-like) entries		>112.8K
NM1Q				?
VE6SH				8K
VE6GK				1.7K
KI7WX				1.1K
N7ENU				102K

Team from Cyberspace -- A virtual team		26.8M  !!!
HC8N (op. WN4KKN)		10.5M
VS6WO (op. WX3N)		 6.2M
N4RJ (op. KM9P)			 3.4M
K5ZD				 4.0M
N6BV				 2.8M

Top Guns --Serious fire-power on all bands	>4.3M
W2SC				?
WJ2O/KP2			3.7M
OH6KIT				?
W1WEF				?
K3TUP				650K

Barefoot Men -- Low power, but high spirits	>3.8M
AA4GA				272K
K7GM			       1250K
K7SV			       1000K
KE7NS			       ?
XE1/AA6RX		       1330K

Wild Wild West -- Real men shoot from out here!		7.7M
N5RZ				1.8M
K5MR				1.9M
W6EEN (op. KA6SAR)		1.7M
K6XO				380K
ZF8BS (AA6KX)			1.9M

Be sure to send your log in.  Don't let your team mates down.

k5zd at world.std.com

ps - Other good team scores. 
P40W, P40F, N2LT, N2NT, W3BGN => 32M (looks like the winners)
Slovenia Contest Club => 20M

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