VHF FM Contest Times & Freqs

ki3v at connectus.com ki3v at connectus.com
Thu Dec 8 18:20:37 EST 1994

Here in Northern Nevada, 146.58 is also coordinated for PacketCluster
use only......

>> [Jim/K8MR]  QST VHF contest announcements should list several
>> FM frequencies per band . . .  For example, 146.43, 146.58 . . .
>Here in the SF-Bay area, 146.58 is a coordinated PacketCluster
>Strange but true.  With the current huge differences among regional
>bandplans, I think suggesting specific simplex frequencies on a
>basis could be problematic.
>73.  --John/K2MM

 73, Rich KI3V  ki3v at africa.connectus.com

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