Travel-worthy TNC?

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Sat Dec 10 17:44:09 EST 1994

Hi Steve, I use a Pac Com  Handi-Packet TNC. It is light, small (about the size
of a pack of cigarettes) and has a built in internal NiCd battery which is good for
about two days worth of 7-8 hours a day use. It comes with a small wall transformer
that will power the unit and recharge the batteries at the same time. It kas
worked flawlessly for me for over a year.

73, J.P.
>I need a sturdy, small, lightweight TNC I can take along with an HT and 
>laptop so I can log into PacketCluster<tm>s when I'm on the road.  If you 
>have good/bad personal experiences with any of them, please e-mail direct 
>-- I'll summarize.  Thanks very much.
>73, Steve  N4TQO
>merchant at

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TVI???  What TVI???

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