N0BSH's 40m Propagation to JA

Sheldon Shallon ad363 at lafn.org
Sat Dec 10 14:31:45 EST 1994

For the path from La Crosse, WI, to JA on 11/26/94 with SF=83
and K=2, MINIPROP PLUS shows signal levels around 2000Z bouncing
around between 25 and 31 dB below their peak nighttime levels.
With beams on both ends, good signals can be expected.  Radiation
angles vary between 2 and 18 degrees.
73 Shel W6EL

From: Sheldon C. Shallon        Internet: ad363.lafn.org
      Los Angeles, CA  USA

>From John Kay <kay at cig.mot.com>  Sun Dec 11 00:02:26 1994
From: John Kay <kay at cig.mot.com> (John Kay)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 18:02:26 -0600
Subject: No subject
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>From Sig <0006481603 at mcimail.com>  Fri Dec  9 16:52:00 1994
From: Sig <0006481603 at mcimail.com> (Sig)
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 94 11:52 EST
Subject: N3RS CQWW M/S CW Score
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Hi to all and an up front Merry Christmas/Happy New Year.  The following is the
Summary of the N3RS M/S CW score in the CQWW Test.  The op's were N3RD, N3ED,
KY2T and N3RS.  Lots of frustration, but not as bad as the SSB contest.

Band         QSO's         Zones         Countries
160           36             12              32
80           257             21              84
40           933             37             136
20           715             40             138
15           592             33             124
10            61             16              58
Total       2594            159             572
Score = 5.337 Meg

This was the second contest in which some new antennas were used.  On SSB we
only had single beams on 15 & 20M, but managed to add one of the remaining two
yagis on each band for CW.

160M   Delta loop - apex at 135 ft.
80M    Rotary EF-180A dipole at 140 ft, slopers to South and West hung from 120'
40M    3 element HyGain Long John (403B) at 140 ft
20M    5 element, 36 foot boom yagis at 118 & 78 ft
15M    4 element, 30 foot boom yagis at 130 & 87 ft
10M    4 elements at 87 ft and 4/4 stack at 22/50 ft.

Beverages to NE, S, & W.

The new EF-180 played very well considering its size (58 ft). Best hour was 76
at 07Z of the first night.  Don't know if we ever actually used the slopers
since the dipolie worked so well.
On 40M, my favorite band, we managed 101 Q's the first hour, followed by 77 and
61 in the next two hrs.  Other decent hours were 60 at 08Z of 2nd day and 62 &
68 at 21Z and 22Z near the end of the test.

On 20M the only good rates were at 17Z with 83 and 18Z with 75.  Both the first
day.  The stack worked well, we just weren't on 20M at the right times or even
long enough.

15M was very frustrating the first day with only 125 Q's.  It opened up for a
while on the second day and Dave (N3RD) had hours of 81, 133, 119, and 96 from
13Z to 17Z.  

There isn't much to say about 10M other than wait a few more years!

We will be attempting to put up the 3rd 5 el 20 and 3rd 4 el 15 over the Christ-
mas holidays.  If all goes well, we will also have a 2 el Quad on europe on 80M
to suppliment the rotary dipole.

CU all in the pile-ups
73 de Sig, N3RS
6481603 at MCIMail.com

>From Jeff Singer <wa2syn at cosmic.com>  Fri Dec 23 11:17:34 1994
From: Jeff Singer <wa2syn at cosmic.com> (Jeff Singer)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 23:17:34 -30000
Subject: Need a phone QSO
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9412102357.A7588-0100000 at debris.cosmic.com>

On Sat, 10 Dec 1994 shaimes at sescva.esc.edu wrote:

> I would like to schedule a phone QSO with anyone who reads this message.
> I am participating in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest this weekend and will be
> calling CQ on 28.404 + or - 5KC Saturday 12/10 at 15:00 zulu or 10AM
> on the East coast of U.S. Look foward to hearing you in the pileup.
> Thanks,
> Stu N2AUK
Are we kidding here? I mean, after seeing all the continuous spots all 
day and all night from N2AUk begging for someone to work him, should we 
all now try to make *better* invitations to the contest community?
Let's see...I have a printer nearby who I know does very nice wedding & 
Bar Mitzvah invitations...If I get him to print up say, 5000 invites, and 
I mail them to all of you, will I have a better chance of "winning?"

Is this, indeed, the NEW WAVE approaching?

Does this community of contest reflector inhabitants approve of this type 
of solicitation? And if this IS OK with everyone, then what do you 
suppose would happen if ALL of us started this practice?! 

Best luck in all contests,
wa2syn at cosmic.com

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