AC1O/4 10M Score

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Mon Dec 12 18:10:22 EST 1994

AC1O/4 (Florida) 10 meter score: Low power, CW only (a PRO-96 @ 80'): 
684 Q's x 75 mults (23C + 52S) = 205,500 points in 33 hours. 
The ultimate manic-depressive contest: 65 Q's in the first 9 1/2 hours 
(to 1628Z Saturday) -- then 290 more in the next four!  Mesmerizing
propagation; stations moved from barely readable to over S-9 within 
5-10 minutes almost all weekend.  I'll post a detailed commentary on 
the various openings (and non-openings; no 1993 "Saturday Night Special" 
opening this year!) as heard in South Florida to the reflector shortly 
(do NOT download this next posting, which will be somewhat lengthy, if 
you are not fascinated by propagation-type stuff). 
  73 de Walt, AC1O/4     "ac1o at"     "Multipliers Are"

>From Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge at>  Mon Dec 12 23:13:00 1994
From: Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA <hodge at> (Hodge Thorgerson David Cameron-INBA)
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 17:13:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: 10 Meter Contest Rumors
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.90.941212170511.6813C-100000 at redvax1>

Jeff, here is a score that is off the top of my head.  I left the numbers
at home.  Conditions were pretty dismal here.  The only bright spots were
D2, 9J, and the occasional Carribean.  I would say the band never really
opened here.  I was on most of the day, off and on, Saturday.  Sunday I
could operate until about 17Z and then I had to go play a concert.  I had
a little opening to VT and ME!!!  WA and OR came through as well as CA, AZ
TX, Fl.  But I never worked a single W0 in the midwest!  I could here XE1L
calling himself blue in the face, CQ after CQ, on SSB with not a peep.

CW approx.  110 QSOs   SSB approx.  115 QSOs   score approx  50k.

Pretty frustrating to here VE9ST, LU4FM, etc running, running, running....
It simply didn't happen here!  I called CQ with the beam SE, S, SW, NE,SW.
This must be the 10mtr low spots Black Hole!   73,  David  XE1/AA6RX

ps  I will be in Pasadena over the holidays.  Anybody wanting to find me
can reach me at  818  795  2281

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