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Mon Dec 12 16:40:16 EST 1994

I have a 930 that's on the fritz, so I asked the gang for suggestions. 
Here's what I got:

Kenwood West Coast - GOOD
Yaesu - BAD
Kenwood West Coast - GOOD (2 week turnaround within Calif.)
Electronic Service Lab in Md. - GOOD / reasonably priced
Yaesu - "Don't know - they never break"
Kenwood East Coast - BAD /high priced / slow
Kenwood East Coast - GOOD
Kenwood West Coast - GOOD (Fixed a radio for $40 that had been pronounced
trash by local dealer service)
International Radio -BAD
Kenwood West Coast - GOOD but charge too much

That's it. It's very inconclusive, but I kinda expected that. It really
depends on your specific situation and your expectations. I decided based on
W3ZZ's glowing recommendations and a phone call to the guy, to send my radio
to Electronic Service Lab in Maryland. It is run by KA3LPC and his number is
(301) 845- 6949. If anyone is interested, I'll let you know how it turns out
when I get it back.

Thanks to: W3ZZ, KM9P, W1GD, NU6S, N4TQO, K5TSQ, AD6E
for their input.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night -

Will AA4NC

>From Lew Sayre <lew at>  Mon Dec 12 22:03:46 1994
From: Lew Sayre <lew at> (Lew Sayre)
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 14:03:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: HDR-300
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.941212134539.24722A-100000 at>

     I use a HDR-300 on a rotating Rohn 55 tower mounted at 40'. It worked
flawlessly until the gentle rocking/rolling of the stacks/tower loosened 
the 4 mounting bolts over a period of 5 months and the HDR-300 followed 
gravity's influence and made like a watermelon on Letterman's show. I now 
check the stacks/tower quarterly rather than semi-annually and no serious 
loosening has been found. HDR-300 has been fine... This problem was 
cockpit error.
     Moral of the story: Rock & Roll can hurt unless held in check.
    73 and I remain,
     Lew           N7AVK            lew at

" I Believe It's the Gun, Jesse..." --Frank James, Sept, 1880

>From p_casier at (Peter Casier)  Mon Dec 12 22:09:29 1994
From: p_casier at (Peter Casier) (Peter Casier)
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 23:09:29 +0100
Subject: Scores ARRL 10m from EU score net
Message-ID: <199412122209.XAA07813 at>

Scores gathered on the EU score net:

Call     Class     Score      Q       C      S

OS4WW    SO,HP,CW  41,808   268      39      0

EA2IA    SO,HP,CW  20,868   111      55     12   (24h)

F5DE/P   SO,HP,CW     ?     180       ?      ?   (score QSP'd)

G3TMA    SO,HP,MI  2,400    34       25      0

OS6TT    SO,HP,PH  18,114   268      36      0

OS4MA    SO,LP,PH  5,328    111      24      0

I4UFH    Multi    98,200    348      77     23

PI4COM   Multi    39,648    216      58      1


p_casier at

>From Jeff Singer <wa2syn at>  Sun Dec 25 05:27:47 1994
From: Jeff Singer <wa2syn at> (Jeff Singer)
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 17:27:47 -30000
Subject: contact solicitation ?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9412121741.A16170-0100000 at>

On Mon, 12 Dec 1994 K3NA at wrote:

>    I found an interesting message in my mailbox this morning, which said in
> part:
> "Eric:  Very disappointed to see your ignorant admonishment.  The non-amateur
> means criterion applies only "during the contest period."  You really oughta
> double-check the rules before flaming out like that instead of shooting from
> the hip . . . you might end up hitting your own foot!"
>    So what can I say?  Opps, sorry, and my foot is bleeding.  Anyone have a
> bandage?  I think my brains are leaking out...
> -- Eric K3NA
   Please put your brains back in, stop the blood from flowing. Your 
admonishment was well-founded. The posting we referred to (from N2...) 
was dated *well* after the start of the contest, and this is very much 
frowned upon by the contest committee. It is the equivalant of making 
solicitous phone calls during the contest to everyone who read the request!
   I have received much mail regarding my comment and, without exception, 
all who responded agreed. Your critic was unaware of the facts.
wa2syn at

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