NV6O sprint

Mon Feb 7 09:05:57 EST 1994


     band      QSOs     points
      80         73         73
      40         89         89
      20         67         67
     TOTAL      229        229   X   40 multipliers  =  9,160

     Like some others, I got caught on 20M too long and didn't pay
attention to the rate meter when it went down to the 30's.  This time
I tried setting up the 2 vfo's about 5kc apart and toggled back and
forth after each Q - first trying to find a Q that was just ending and
if that didn't materialize, calling cq  on a clear(?) freq.

Had some 10 q rates of 95, but couldn't maintain that.

I don't think my trouble is winning pile-ups--I don't know what my
trouble is.

Used 36 wpm to try to gain some time that I would waste in other

Starting to prelog next q in and advance number that the station I was
intending to work next ( ha) by one.  Still in habit of hitting insert
key when in the mode of being the contact initiator (guy calling cq).
This puts my call at the end of the q instead of in the beginning.  I
got into the habit of hitting the escape key after the other station's
call was sent and then hitting the proper "F" key with the correct info

This is a 40 q improvement from last time.  Where the hell do I get the
next 40?

Danny, don't feel bad.  I called K7SV Dan and copied K7SS until
corrected.  Not good for either rate.

Eric NV6O (??)

     I, by virtue of my statement below, have taken part in the 02/06/1994
     NCJ NA SPRINT, conscientiously applying my most ethical interpretation
     of the published rules for this contest.

     Date_________ Signature_____________________________ Call____________

     Name: Eric Woods                      Call: NV6O
           121 prospector ct
           folsom, CA 95630

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