conductive adhesive

Mon Feb 7 11:51:14 EST 1994

About a year ago there was an extensive disscussion on conductive
grease for use in antenna joints, which helped me in some mods to
my "little pistol" station.

Well, now it appears there is a copper-filled conductive adhesive
on the market, TRUBOND 215, which is fraction of the cost of silver-
filled adhesives. volume resistivity of 0.002 ohm-cm, shear strength
of 1500 psi at 73F, and cure time of 2 hr to hardness of 90 Shore D.
It is produced by Syon Corp, 280 Eliot St, Ashland, MA 01721.  I have
no information on cost, etc.  It would be interesting to know what the
limiting current density would be, but I'd assume it couldn't be used in
lightning protection applications.

73, alan N2ALE/6 

>From Rick, K7GM" <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU  Mon Feb  7 20:02:11 1994
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 94 15:02:11 EST
Subject: Phone Sprint Teams

     Now is the time to get your Phone Sprint teams together.  You have
four ways to get me the information.
     1.  E-mail.  Send your team info to  aoniswan at
     2.  Telephone.  919-753-7760.  If neither Debi or I are home, leave
         a message on the recorder.
     3.  FAX to my school fax at 919-757-6664.  Make sure you put my
         name on it.
     4.  US mail.  To P.O. Box 3778, Greenville, NC  27836.

     There.  Now all you have to do is put your team together and decide
which option to use.  If you send me an e-mail, I will send you an
     I will be out of town from Feb 10 to Feb 13 so I will not be able to
send an acknowledgement during those times.  I will miss the contest, but
will take a receiver with me (and maybe even a transmitter) to Chicago
(business, unfortunately).
                                  Rick, K7GM

>From Dravland, Todd" <ToddD at  Mon Feb  7 21:48:00 1994
From: Dravland, Todd" <ToddD at (Dravland, Todd)
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 94 13:48:00 PST
Subject: FW: Contest QSLs and sprint score
Message-ID: <2D56B81F at>

This is my first time on here, so be gentle!  As far as the QSL issue goes, 
I've operated from Colorado for approx. 3/4 of a year and got virtually no 
QSL's and from
South Dakota for approx. 17 years and have boxes full of QSL's.  My feeling 
is that I
need to QSL back all cards received to insure future contest (and other) 
qso's whether or not they provide SASE.  However, the cards with SASE get 
quicker service!. I will agree this practice is expensive and time 

Next issue is CW sprint. 20m was suckko here in SD.  40 and 80 were both 
much better than normal. It was fun anyhow.  But, my question is, how do you 
get all those

80m --  96 Q's
40m -- 111
20m -- 66
             273 X 39 mult. = 10,647

Equip:  TS940s SB221 6 ele tribander @ 40',  2 ele 40m at 45', and 80m inv V 
at 65'
 using NA ver 7.xx.

By the way, is it allowed to mention equipment, tower, etc.  that is for 
sale here??

Todd,  WD0T

From: CQ-Contest-Relay
To: cq-contest
Subject: Contest QSLs
Date: Sunday, February 06, 1994 5:34PM

Here's my two bits.  I've operated from two so called rare
states, WY and now ND.  Needless to say, get lots of QSL
card requests.  I did a study during 1993, SASEs vs non-SASEs.
I spent $75.00 answering non-SASEs.  So new policy in effect
this year.  Non-SASE's get filed in a round cylinder and
purged via the local sanitation control authority.  The
madness had to stop, either I support my awards chase, or
subsidize someone elses.
        It would be great if the league could support some
style of automated confirmation using contest logs.  I will
gladly email all of my contest logs.

73 de Bob ND1H, smithb at

>From alan at (Alan Brubaker)  Mon Feb  7 21:43:16 1994
From: alan at (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 94 14:43:16 -0700
Subject: Sprint results
Message-ID: <9402072143.AA07102 at dsd.ES.COM>

Hi Bob...same deal here. Notice that my multiplier is 40, not 41. I did not
work a Utah station.

K6XO  Al   Ut

Band   QSOs  
20      68
40     104
80      85

T      257  x  40 Mult.  =  10,280

Ditto on 20 meters. Should have gone to 40 sooner. Went to 80 earlier than
I think that I ever have. Still logging/duping the old fashioned way. Some
day I will get a computer.

Alan, K6XO

>From Gerard Jendraszkiewicz" <jend at  Tue Feb  8 04:25:56 1994
From: Gerard Jendraszkiewicz" <jend at (Gerard Jendraszkiewicz)
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 94 22:25:56 CST
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <80767.jend at>


>From Charlie Ocker <Ocker at>  Mon Feb  7 22:22:32 1994
From: Charlie Ocker <Ocker at> (Charlie Ocker)
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 94  16:22:32 CST
Subject: KD5PJ Sprint Score
Message-ID: <2969648552-5694359 at KD5PJ>

After seeing all the postings with all the other scores, I feel kinda
embarassed to post this, but what the hell:

        105 q's, 31 mults := 3255 points

Operated the first 10 minutes, then had to take off about an hour.  Got
back on and qrt with about 30 minutes left.  Only op'ed 20 and 40; no
80 meter antenna.  Barefoot with about 90 watts out.  I need to work on
a bunch of things. Remembering a callsign without typing it into the
keyboard and how to copy > 30 wpm are two that come to mind.  There are
more.  Bottom line is this is the most intense contest I've ever been
in.  Loads of fun, only wish I was better.  Thanks to all for the

73 es CUL,
Charlie  KD5PJ                  ocker at

>From jbarry at (John Barry)  Mon Feb  7 22:45:53 1994
From: jbarry at (John Barry) (John Barry)
Date: 07 Feb 1994 22:45:53 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: PED CW Simulator
Message-ID: <9402072245.AA14244 at>

A few weeks ago, I downloaded PED. I must say it is an
excellent piece of software, and hits the bullseye.
I have passed on at least 6/8 copies to the guys in the
club who are practising for the upcoming ARRL CW 

However, I have one problem. A friend is using an
XT computer, and I dont seem to be able to get it
working on it for him. When it loads, the menu box
(where you choose the contest) is blank. The
heading comes up okay, but the box is empty!!!!!
When you hit return, it loads up the contest, but
again the boxes are empty???
It works perfectly on the 286/386 computers we have.
The XT is 8088 with 20Meg, 640k RAM and Hercules graphics (I have
a utility to change the video mode to MDA/CGA etc but it makes
no difference)

Can anyone shed some light on this?? Before this op gets
dropped for the ARRL?? :-)

de John

John Barry EI7DNB
Packet  : ei7dnb at ei7dnb.Cork.Irl
InterNet: jbarry at

>From majewski at (Ron Majewski)  Mon Feb  7 23:03:36 1994
From: majewski at (Ron Majewski) (Ron Majewski)
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 94 18:03:36 EST
Subject: cw sprint @ wb8ruq
Message-ID: <9402072303.AA05091 at>

Here's my score for the CW Sprints -- my first ever:

Band  Qs   Equipment and antenna

80m   0
40m  26    NorCal 40 transceiver, 2 watts, quarter wave gnd plane @ 17ft
20m   0
     26 x 18 mults = 468 points

I definitely felt at times like a beagle darting in and out of the legs
of great danes!  Nonetheless, it was truly enjoyable.  

40m was quite good here in Michigan.  Given my QSO numbers and rates,
hand logging and sending worked just fine.  :)

Many thanks to those who patiently struggled to pull me out of the noise.


Ron (wb8ruq).

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