NC6U Sprint Score ...

0015017 at 0015017 at
Mon Feb 7 20:28:34 EST 1994

From: Balmforth, Kevin D
Date: Mon, Feb 7, 1994 7:23 PM
Subject: NC6U Sprint Score ...
First time running Sprint at home - finally got a  tower/beam (KT-34A at 60' + 
80/40 inverted Vees) and put in a 220 VAC line to the shack for the SB-220 
(800 W).  All previous efforts were from the club station at work, which has a 
13 el Collins LP + 80m sloper at 115' and a 2K-2 amp (1200 W).  Compared to 
the club station, I did much better on 20m (surprise!), much worse on 40 (no 
surprise) and about the same on 80m.  Final result was within a few Q's of 
last year.  Overall, a moral victory. ;-).  QSY'ed to 40m at 0130Z, and went 
to 80 at about 0255Z - much earlier than in years past.  See y'all this 
weekend on SSB.

73, Kevin NC6U

     band        QSOs
     20CW          90
     40CW          80
     80CW          64
     total:       234 QSOs  X  36 mults  =  claimed score:   8,424

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