IC-761 & Contest CW Keying

WR3O at isd2.tdec.state.tn.us WR3O at isd2.tdec.state.tn.us
Mon Feb 14 10:46:41 EST 1994

I received a number of replies to my question; thanks to all for the info.
The overwhelming majority of responses all said the same thing -- buy an
external keyer, and wire it parallel with the computer keying interface.
There were some suggestions on getting the CT/NA keyer to work, namely
pulling the open inputs up to 5 volts using a battery and resistive
dividers.  However, as several pointed out, having an external keyer with 
a KNOB speed control is the most flexible solution of all.  Since I can't
use the 761's built in keyer with CT/NA, I guess this is the way I will go.
Thanks to WM2C, K2MM, K0KR, N9HZQ and any others I may have missed for 
your input. 

73, Kirk  WR3O   ( WR3O at isd2.tdec.state.tn.us )

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