BO don't know Sprint

Mon Feb 14 11:06:56 EST 1994

I found a use for part of N4BO anyway.  235 X 47. Down 18 or so mins to
put roast in oven and pull cw tails off of 75M vee.

My wife thought she should tell me that BO is supposed to be spelled


but I knew that she wouldn't understand why I was doing things the way I
was doing them.  I don't know if I understand either.

Beat Sac State.

Eric (BO)
edwoods at

>From WB1HBB  14-Feb-1994 1402 <wrothberg at>  Mon Feb 14 19:05:18 1994
From: WB1HBB  14-Feb-1994 1402 <wrothberg at> (WB1HBB 14-Feb-1994 1402)
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 94 14:05:18 EST
Subject: NH QSO Party
Message-ID: <9402141905.AA28646 at>

Dispite some of the worst condx I can remember in the last 10 years,
I was pleased that so many of the participants here had the patience
to pull me out of the noise.  Thanks to all who worked me.

Warren Rothberg, WB1HBB
wrothberg at
(New Hampshire QSO Party Bonus Point Station)

p.s. If anyone needs the complete rules, send me email directly and I
will forward them to you. p.p.s. Make that "despite".

>From Mark Curran <curran at>  Mon Feb 14 20:38:30 1994
From: Mark Curran <curran at> (Mark Curran)
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 13:38:30 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Sprint Result
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9402141347.A1140-0100000 at corona>

SSB Sprint Result

Call: K6XO (KA1ODA op.) Team: SCCC   172 x 42 -> 7224

Rig: Yeasu FT1000 plus KW 

Band	Time	Q's	Mults	Q's/Hr	Antenna

 20	1:50	72	32	39.3	3 el at 40 ft
 40	1:10	59	 9	50.6	Ground Plane
 80	1:00	41	 1	41.0	Vertical Loop

	4:00   172	42	43/hr

First contest in >5 years, first from Utah, and first SSB
Sprint.  Goal was 200 Q's and 40 mults.  Biggest error was
missing NH and Fla for multipliers.  Thought I stayed too
long on 20, but picked up 4 mults in the last 15 min on band.
Areas to improve include being less of an alligator, faster
dupe checking, and to avoid stomping the slow scan guys 
on 20M (oops!).  Conditions were good on 20 and 40, but 80
was like pulling teeth.  Thanks to all who worked me, and
thanks to Alan for the opportunity to guest op.

Mark Curran    KA1ODA/7 	

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