Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si
Sun Jan 2 23:57:45 EST 1994

Our club recently bought secondhand FT1000 in Mass and we have problems with
CAT control.  If computer needs VFO frequency only, it gets 1600 bytes reply
which lasts few seconds and bloks all other operations.  I am told that this
is cleared with CAT ROM version 6.0 which was freely distributed in USA.
So far I couldn't get this confirmed via K7JA and any info would be wellcomed!
73 de Mario, S57MM, N1YU and S56A from 10. 1. 1994 with 50 other S5's.

>From clay rudolf <rtclay at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu>  Mon Jan  3 01:59:48 1994
From: clay rudolf <rtclay at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu> (clay rudolf)
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 1994 19:59:48 -0600
Subject: sprINT, N4OGW
Message-ID: <199401030159.AA17663 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu>

Internet Sprint 
N4OGW, "Tor", 142 qso's from KY
Station: Icom 735 + Butternut HF6V, dipole
	This one went even better than last time...improved by 24 qso's. Not
so many weird names around, and my name finally survived until the end!  
Where was the rest of KCG?  Only worked Trey once...see everyone in NAQP CW.
73, Torsten n4ogw at uiuc.edu

>From robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu>  Mon Jan  3 03:33:54 1994
From: robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu> (robert penneys)
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 94 22:33:54 EST
Subject: CQ Int
Message-ID: <9401030333.AA18304 at freezer.cns.udel.edu>

Well, I had dinner at 2300 and the kids were all wired and etc etc.....
did 75 Q's and probably a lot of errors.

Could not confrom TR software, so ran NA to give just " tu # " , sent name
by hand, state and my call by memory keyer. Yuck.

20 died here and 40 wasn't so hot. Still a fabulous contest and at least a
few psycho names.

CU on NAQP..    Bob WN3K  FRC

>From Rich K2WR <72407.1262 at CompuServe.COM>  Mon Jan  3 05:43:37 1994
From: Rich K2WR <72407.1262 at CompuServe.COM> (Rich K2WR)
Date: 03 Jan 94 00:43:37 EST
Subject: Whinus occidentus
Message-ID: <940103054336_72407.1262_FHG79-1 at CompuServe.COM>

Can we PLEASE have a moratorium on the incessant whining about the
various geographical biases that are inherent in our activity?

The contest rules did not create this situation; please blame the gods
of solar and geo- physics and the socio-economic influences that created
uneven population densities across the globe.  Every part of the world
is good for something and bad for something else.  It is unlikely that
the Spanish ski team is ever going to beat the Swiss or the Swedes.
It is equally unlikely that many world champion surfers are going to
come from New York.  I don't hear the Europeans complaining that
expeditions to Zones 33 and 35 have a built-in advantage over fixed
stations in Europe, nor do the hams residing in the northern Caribbean
complain that there is a benefit to being in Zone 9 over Zone 8.

So I'm sorry that the East Coast is closer to Europe.  I'm sorry that
the number of contesters in Japan went down.  I'm sorry that I live
in an apartment and can't have real antennas.  It's a situation driven
by influences on my life that are more important, or at least more
powerful, than amateur radio, for now.  Your dissatisfaction with the
state of the world of contesting has been noted. It really has.
So please find something else to say.  It's getting VERY, VERY, VERY,

de Rich, K2WR

>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Mon Jan  3 07:50:16 1994
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 94 23:50:16 PST
Subject: K2MM SprINT Results
Message-ID: <9401030750.AA01649 at greylock.local>

I could have SWORN he sent N4BO!  Really!

Operated from Al/AG6D's QTH -- beams on 20 and 40, and a TS-930 that puts
out a real 150 Watts.  Did 50% better than I've ever done -- 123 Qs plus one
dupe (N6TR).  My first SprINT using Tree's LOG program; it worked FB!

Activity did seem quite a bit up from last time -- and not just because
I got to opreate from a REAL station this SprINT.  Special thanks to the
following four stations for contributing a total of 38 Qs:

    k2tw  nj 11     k8jlf ma 11     k6xo  ut  8     n6tv  ca  8

I cuddna dunnit widoutcha!  73.  --John/K2MM

P.S.  Plenty of great names, but no sign of Freewheelin' Franklin or Fat
Freddy -- or his cat.

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