Cluster program

Barry Martz ad196 at
Thu Jan 6 19:42:15 EST 1994

I saw a listing not to long ago about some software that will take spots
from a cluster node and put them out on another cluster without being
connected.  We are starting a cluster node here in NW Michigan and would
like to tap into the HF nodes without having to connect to them.  This
would allow us to use the HF without having to man the station all the
time.  We are working on a link to Wisconsin, but until that is finished,
I would like to be able to pull from the HF.  Can anyone help me?

Thanks.  de KI8W / Barry Martz

Barry Martz	KI8W		KI8W at WSU.N8FOW.AMPR.ORG
Internet			ad196 at

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