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Tue Jan 11 08:32:33 EST 1994

300 Q's, 129 Mults, 38,700 Points in 6.7 hours
Exciting to have KH4/N7TNL call *ME* !!! A fun contest. Tnx all.

>From Ed Gilbert <eyg at>  Tue Jan 11 13:50:17 1994
From: Ed Gilbert <eyg at> (Ed Gilbert)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 08:50:17 -0500
Subject: Vanity callsigns
Message-ID: <9401111353.AA23548 at>

I was curious to see what might become available in 1x2
callsigns, so I took the SAM database, exported all the W, K, and
N callsigns, grep'd out the 1x2 calls, and ran the result
through a little c program that outputs all the 1x2 calls that
are not found in the SAM database.  The good news is that there
are lots of very nice calls right now that are unassigned.  In
the second call area, for example, there are 209 W2, 197 K2, and
353 N2 1x2 unassigned calls.  In most of the other calls areas
the number of unassigned calls is higher.

Since I'm interested in a good CW call, I applied some of the
criteria that has been recently posted to the reflector (thow
out calls with E, T, H, I, ending in K, ...) and still found
dozens of nice calls in just the W2 group alone.

This file is too large to post to the reflector (44K), but I'll
email it to anyone who sends me a message requesting it.


Ed Gilbert, WA2SRQ
eyg at

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