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Tue Jan 11 08:25:49 EST 1994

> >> I would like to see contest reporting with HOW MANY HOURS (such as in
> >> SS) reported.  How about you?
> >
> >I like the Sweepstakes (and whatever other contest) listings that list
> >the hours of operation.  I'd like to see this for all contests, though I
> >suspect that many would consider it a waste of space in the magazines
> >for contests as short as the NAQP.

Yes...think this also has a bearing on the flurry of 'equalization' posts
from awhile back. Don't think it takes that much space, provides another
data point for comparison for those participating less than the full
period (a substantial percentage in most tests) especially those of us who
even in sprint-type events can't get in the full period.

Greg, KD4HZ

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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 10:24:23 CST
Subject: reporting hours
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If the hours-of-operation figure is supplied by the entrant I'm sure
there will be hedging to report fewer hours in order to appear better
than actual. On the other hand, if the figure is gleaned by analyzing
the submitted logs, this would be worthwhile only if the contest
committee uses computerized log checking. I think we're still a few
years away from the latter.

Kris AA5UO

>From rking at (RICHARD KING - K5NA)  Tue Jan 11 16:43:55 1994
From: rking at (RICHARD KING - K5NA) (RICHARD KING - K5NA)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 11:43:55 -0500
Subject: Reporting hours

I am a former member of the CQ Contest Committee and I quit because I just 
couldn't cope with the amount of work that needed to be done in the short 
time you had to do it.  Adding a field of operating hours may not seem much 
but it is.

Consider the typing necessary for a single contest line reported in CQ.  You 
have the call, score, QSOs, Zones, etc.  Now if you add another field that 
requires delimiters and entry of a number, the increased time spent on the 
entry can be extended by 5 percent (rough guess).  I estimate that I used to
spend about 120 hours preparing the zone 14 stuff (both modes) to go back to
the contest directors.  A 5 percent increase would add another days work.

When you are voluntary help, that could be enough to make you re-consider
whether you want to do it at all.  I can't speak for the League, where they 
are salaried, but I am sure it would be a impact to their workload also.

73, Richard - K5NA

>From alan at (Alan Brubaker)  Tue Jan 11 17:42:42 1994
From: alan at (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 10:42:42 -0700
Subject: WQ5L NAQP results
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>Ray writes:

>Not a peep out of: South Carolina (!), Utah, Nevada, Montana, Kansas,

Well, I missed it. We were out of town all weekend and I was unable to
get near a radio. Was anyone on from Utah? I will be on for a while
this weekend, but probably will not be on very much. See you then.

Alan, K6XO

>From fhmoore at (frank moore)  Tue Jan 11 17:54:28 1994
From: fhmoore at (frank moore) (frank moore)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 11:54:28 CST
Subject: reporting hours
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I have been following the reporting hours thread because, like others, I rarely
operate the entire contest (2 small children are fun to be with too). 

I don't want to make more work for anyone but I would like to measure my 
performance. To do that I need to get information about station setup and 
effort. If workload precludes getting the information from the writeup then 
maybe there is another way. I'm open for suggestions. 

I don't care about using this information for contest sponsored equalization 
(I'll equalize my score myself!), or for changing the rules (although I think 
that not being able to change quickly and correctly killed dinosaurs). I also 
don't buy shaving hours to make yourself look good. I don't deny that someone 
might do it, but I'm willing risk that sampling problem to get the data that 
will help me improve.

                                Frank, KE4GY

>From lyndon at (Lyndon Nerenberg)  Tue Jan 11 17:54:00 1994
From: lyndon at (Lyndon Nerenberg) (Lyndon Nerenberg)
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 94 09:54 PST
Subject: FTPable Free Callsign List
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I have placed Ed's list of free callsigns in the ham radio FTP archives
here. Available via anonymous FTP from

--lyndon  VE7TCP/VE6BBM

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