New antenna farm

price at price at
Wed Jan 19 08:18:42 EST 1994

Henri--thanks for your message.  I have worked lots of DX with my previous
antennas--especially the TH-3.  But I think a lot of that has been due to
very favorable sunspots the past few years.  The point about the 4S7 was
that I had never been able to work one on 40 before.  I've worked several
on 20--even QRP with my Ten-Tec Argonaut!  But that was in the "good old
days" a couple of years ago when the flux was routinely >200.

The medium/big gun comment was in reference to what kind of antenna farms
the real competitors have.  You're not a big gun until you have mono
banders, and you're not a **BIG** gun until they are stacked at 200 feet. 
I'll never have that, but I agree the TH-7/2-el 40 combo is not a small
installation.  Ask my next door neighbor!


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