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Thu Jan 20 02:00:34 EST 1994

While cutting my contesting teeth at N6DX a few years ago, I learned a very
worthwhile T2X trick. There are several runs of > 200' up on Rainbow Ridge,
and T2Xs just won't tolerate much voltage drop and still turn a large array
in the wind. Larger wires are an obvious fix, but sometimes that isn't enough
with wind loading, etc. It is possible to boost the voltage to the rotor by
wiring a couple-amp 6.3 volt filament transformer in parallel with the
transformer inside the T2X control box. I don't recall the exact wiring, but
if you have a schematic in front of you, it becomes pretty obvious. The new
transformer can then be mounted on the back of the control box. As I recall,
the voltages are boosted into the high 30v range. Does this shorten motor or
brake life? I never noticed any problem over the 3 or 4 year period. It was
rarely the motor that failed, it was usually the gears. 

My opinion - if you are in the market for a rotor and are choosing between
the T2X or the Create R5 series, I would pick the Create EVERY TIME. 

Does anyone have any experience with the Yaesu rotors? The big ones look like
a good value last time I looked.

Hope to work lots of you in the CQ WW 160 CW from W7RM !

73, Mike AA7NX

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