Scoring Inequities/ Flameage

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Fri Jan 21 14:43:46 EST 1994

When is this going to go away ?

The idea of equalizing contests is impossible to achive - PERIOD!
If it was truly equalized, we'd all win!! (?)  What ?  How could every one
win ?
Guess what ?  Another proof that it won't work.

You guys who NEED recognition - send your resumes to companies in the
NorthEast, get a job, move there,  put up your antennas and go for it!

Everyone (that matters) knows that propagation is not the same everywhere. 
When a comparable (similar hardware / similar operator skill) Multi/Multi or
single/op in "the black hole" doesn't win - it's because conditions ARE
different.  Anyone who it should make any difference to KNOWS THIS!  

It IS harder to win DX contests from other areas than the Northeast.  It IS
harder to win a domestic contest from the northeast.  To me, this shows how
significant it was when N5AU won Multi/Multi.  W2GD's SS win a few years back
is significant as well.  When K8LX made top 5 Multi/Multi a few years back,
it shook up many sedentary, complacent, highly advantaged NorthEasterners.

Anyone can re-group the results any way they want to achieve whatever they
want.  What difference does it really make ?  I think Trey said it should be
World scores only.  I think I agree with this (sortof).  This should make
everybody happy.  The entire contest would then be equal.  Instead of the
poor unfortunate non-eastcoast types being at the bottom of the USA Top Ten,
they'd be somewhere around the bottom of the World Top 50.  The greatly
advantaged East Coast types would be somewhere in the middle.  At the top of
the Top 50 would be those highly skilled and obviously very wealthy
globetrotters who operate from places most of us can only think of visiting
on a very rare vacation or only get to experience courtesy of Robin Leach on
TV.( Robin Leach stays at Stouffers while he's in Dayton - I saw him there 2
years ago on thursday).

Based on some of the responses posted,  I'm afraid my commentary will fall on
deaf ears.
What I'm really trying to get at here is that just because you don't make USA
top ten, doesn't make you any less of a person that if you had won.  You who
complain about the inequities constantly - who are you trying to impress? 
What difference will it make to your life?  Will your neighbors no longer
refer to you as the kook with the antenna tower that messes up their TV's?  
If it is all that important to you for whatever reason, then DO SOMETHING
about it.   Change QTH,  do a DXpedition,  accept open invitations to an East
Coast multi/multi - anything!  Just stop trying to change it to suit you. 
Contests are simple.  Make qsos,  multiply by number of multipliers you have
worked.  It's the same for everyone.  What could be more fair?  

Bob Naumann
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Subject: Regional Competition

Well, I LIKE the idea of regional competition.  5 regions sounds about 
right for the US, but they would have to be very carefully defined considering
propagation.  Using times zones, CQ zones, etc. just wouldn't work.  Using 
propagation prediction software might be a way to figure out how to define
the regions.  

Scott   K9MA

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