Reflector etiquette

ka9fox at ka9fox at
Fri Jan 21 14:44:31 EST 1994

In a reply to K1ZX's reflector message, N8ET writes:

>The first msg I sent to you bounced back with unknown user msg from
>Prodigy - address that came off the email header was XMSJ29A at

This brings up a very valid point... PLEASE, when you send a message to the
reflector (CQ-CONTEST at TGV.COM) sign your message with not only your callsign
and name, but your INTERNET ADDRESS too!

I enjoy a lot of things in life, but searching through the header to find a
sender's Internet address is not one of them.  I access Internet through
America On Line (you know, point and click!), so I am not an Internet
tech-noid.  This would help me and many others, I am sure.

73 & Merry Christmas!  (our company Christmas party is tonight!  Jan 21st!)

Scott KA9FOX

ka9fox at

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