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Wed Jan 26 16:42:25 EST 1994

I think Trey ought to go into the Newspaper business based on his
ability to pick Guest Editors (for NCJ).  In spite of the disagreement,
there is certianly a lot of interest created by this one editorial.
As an additional comment ought to be made on submitting logs via computer
disk  Althought I tend to agree with the issues raised by CT1BOH, WA6SDM,
and AA7FT, an interesting point is raised by K1AR in the latest issue of
CQ in that without a disk, the log must be keyed in by hand and - "This
potentially creates many more errors than ever would be in the original
log.  Hopefully over time these fears will go away as an increasing
percentage of contesters turn to their 1.44 MB diskettes for scoring."
Perhaps John, K2MM, has the best idea of submitting logs strictly via
Internet if this is a potential concern.  My problem is, of course, is
that I'm at the other end of the listings and have a marginal interest
in even sending in logs in the first place.  If there is ever a rule that
computer disks are required, it ought to be based on the idea that one
was used to create the log in the first place by software that generates
an acceptable ASCII log file and that the file is bigger than some
minimal size.  I'm afraid that my logs are so small that the log-checkers
would assume they trashed most of my file, so Internet would be my
choice if paper copies were prohibited in the future.

73, alan N2ALE/6
ames at 

>From MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb at>  Thu Jan 27 03:29:41 1994
From: MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb at> (MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH)
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 21:29:41 CST
Subject: State QSO Parties
Message-ID: <9401270329.AA14364 at>

I think that these micro contests do serve a need.  I like to 
stop by and at least give the participants another multiplier.
For some reason, folks like getting called by ND stations.  Spent
Sunday getting chased around 15 by Europeans,. Bob up 3, ND please
call me down 5.  

There was a ND party this year.  Notice the past tense.  I clobbered
last year, wanted to participate this year.  The sponsors moved
the contest up an entire month and didn't tell anyone.  I found out
by mistake after it was to late to plan my county running.  (truck 
is in the shop anyways, lubricating the engine with ethylene glycol,
wondered why it was overheating at -30 ;-{)

PDIAL requests were honored this evening.  No local dial up access
here in ND for the general public.  ;-{>

73 bob

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at  Thu Jan 27 04:10:26 1994
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 20:10:26 -0800 (PST)
Subject: NH QSO Party
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9401262020.E12745-a100000 at bach>

Au contraire!  The Washington State Salmon Run and the California and
Texas QSO Parties are getting more popular every year.  Not to say that it
was always so...the Salmon Run went through the doldrums recently.  I look
forward to the Maine QSO Party, for example, to work on an 80m and 40m Q
for QRP 5BWAS (pure masochism).  The state QSO parties can be whatever and
however big they want to be, or little.  I do agree that the novelty
probably wears off pretty durn fast!
73, Ward N0AX
hwardsil at

>From CT1BOH <0006309523 at>  Thu Jan 27 12:15:00 1994
From: CT1BOH <0006309523 at> (CT1BOH)
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 07:15 EST
Subject: WRITE-UPS
Message-ID: <35940127121553/0006309523PK3EM at>

Im coming back to this point because I  think it is of the most relevance. 
Interesting and intelligent write-ups will do more for contesting than you 
can imagine.
let me just bring to you how I got involved in contesting.
In the mid 80 I was lucky enough to meet N6TJ in Lisboa on his way to 
D44BC. This put me face to face with a big gun... Being in my teens this 
was quite an exciting moment. I could talk, hear but most important of all 
ask him questions...
I could see his logs.
I could see his break-downs.
I could listen to his tape-recording of real live contesting from the other 
I could discuss with him how and when to run or search and pounce.
I heard what he do for eating, for sleeping, etc.
I found how to take a station set around the world without paying overload.
I heard stories, anedoctes, sad and exhilarating moments.
I still remember going home imagining I was him.
This very brief encounter revealed me the magic of contesting.
Immediately I started dreaming.
I started reading everything I could find about contesting. Pile-up 
managing ( I even got to the extreme of getting tapes of Don Miller 
operating in the mid 60s when I was wearing diapers), sleep and food 
I asked for log to immortals like N6AA and OH2MM, and guess what, 
they never refused. Only one op I asked refused to send along his log. 
Interesting enough although a winner he's still trying to make a world 
record in the CQ WW.
So what is the catch. As we cannot put everybody in touch with the big 
guns we must put the big guns in touch with everybody.
How? Through the write-ups.
Lets compare their strategies, their better hours, their worse hours, theirs 
times on and off, their antennas their motivation. Who's ahead in the first 
12, 24, 36 and 48 hours.
Do you realise every big event promotes a press conference afterwards. 
Lets do it also with the top contenders.
Lets create the desire of the readers to become top guns.
Be sure this will stimulate their thirst for quest, for conquer for victory.
Lets make virtual reality in the write-ups, instead of the boring, useless and 
meaningless write-ups you are reading in today's magazines.
So don't create more divisions and boxes that will prompt the casual reader 
to skip the contest pages.
Give them stories to start dreaming.

Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes, CT1BOH

>From alan at (Alan Brubaker)  Thu Jan 27 14:36:06 1994
From: alan at (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 07:36:06 -0700
Subject: NH QSO Party
Message-ID: <9401271436.AA16532 at dsd.ES.COM>

I have participated in most of the state QSO parties to some degree or other
through the years. Sometimes my scores have been incredibly low, usually
because of lack of activity from the "target" area. It makes you wonder why
a group would sponsor a contest and then not promote it enough so that there
would be some activity. I have been very active in the California QSO parties
for many years - from "both ends". There is lots of competition in the CQP,
and you have to work hard to get in the top 5. The NCCC has a nice awards
program, including California wine - a nice incentive. The Washington State
Salmon Run is another contest where the reward can be some smoked salmon.
Sounds good to me.

I have been an advocate of combining some of the QSO parties which may not be
as popular into regional events. For example, the Connecticut, Vermont, and New
Hampshire QSO parties could be combined into a 1 land QSO party, or perhaps
they could be held as separate contests, but run concurrently on the same weekend.

Usually, I do not get too serious about these things, the CQP being the exception,
but when I have a minute or two during the weekend, I will sit down and work a few
of the participants. Usually, the states are multipliers, and Utah is still fairly
rare, so most of the people I do work appreciate getting another multiplier for
their scores.

One useful thing about some QSO parties is that the competition is usually on a
lower level, and a person with a modest station can actually win the contest. They
can be a good way to "warm up" a bit before a major event, or get some reports on
a new antenna system. Believe me, the guys and gals who are competing in these
events do appreciate all the QSOs that they get, especially after things have
slowed down.

Alan, K6XO

>From Rick, K7GM" <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU  Thu Jan 27 14:56:32 1994
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 09:56:32 EST
Subject: Old JA QSO totals

     Someone asked about JA totals/runs from past years to get some idea
of the magnitude of the JA QSO falloff in DX tests (and there has been
a falloff).  I was very active in the late 70's in DX tests from adequate
to big stations and have some breakdowns which may be of interest.
I have three scores - a single op Phone, a single op CW, and a MM Phone,
all from 7-land.

1977 ARRL DX Phone - Single op - WA7WXY (Idaho)  #4 in USA
This was back when the DX test was 2 weekends

      Total              Other
Band   QSO     EU    JA   Asia Af Afr   Ocen     SA     NA
160      8      -     -      -      -      2      -      6
 80     88      5    33      2      4     12      8     24
 40    321     15   255      3      7     14      7     20
 20    707    298   296     20      6     30     17     40
 15   1182     90   961      7     18     28     34     44
 10     54      -     -      -      -      4     33     17
      -----   ---  ----    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---
      2360    408  1545     32     35     90     99    151

High rates occured on 15 to JA. (Only full hours noted)
   First Weekend  00Z  127        Second Weekend  00Z   115
                  23Z  112                        23Z   106
                  00Z  111                        00Z   128

Antennas were all at 50-55 feet.  (4ele on 10 and 15, 5 ele on 20,
  2 ele shorty on 40, dipole on 80).  All on the side of a 6000 foot
  mountain with clear shots to EU and JA and restricted shots elsewhere.

1978 CQ WW Phone - W7KW - multi-multi (I was 15 meter op) (Arizona)
Good score for out west (4.2M) but got whomped by east coast

      Total    Approx
Band   QSOs     JAs          Best hours to JA (full hours only)
160      7       -              Day 1    00Z   102
 80    251       85                      01Z   103
 40    324      265                      02Z   115
 20    443       60                      22Z    56
 15   1247      940 (!)                  23Z    54
 10    675      375             Day 2    00Z    79
      ----     ----                      01Z   140  (Wow!)
      2947     1725                      02Z   122

Antennas were 6 ele on 10, 15, and 20; 4 ele on 40.  All were at
  between 150 and 180 feet (no stacks).

1978 CQ WW CW - W7KW (K7GM op) Single op    #5 in US
This contest represented the last time any 6 or 7 or 0 (or I think non-TX 5)
placed in the top ten of a CW CQWW.  K6NA was #7 in this contest.

      Total    Approx.
Band   QSOs      JAs        Best Runs to JA (Full hours only)
160      7        -            40 M  08Z   69
 80    105       70                  10Z  111
 40    433      400                  11Z   85
 20    517      260
 15    395      285            20M   Best was 81 to JA
 10    146       85            15M   Best was 91 to JA
      ----     ----
      1603     1100

QSO total was highest of all single op entrants.
Antennas the same as above multi listing.

     As you can see, the QSO totals out of JA were big in the late
70's.  This continued into the very early 80's (I have no logs to show
for that time).
     In 89/90 I put in a couple of semi-serious efforts from AZ on CW (one
ARRL and one CQWW) and found that my JA totals were very poor on all
     The JAs have dropped off.  The above numbers show what it was like
in the time of the endless JA pileup.

                  73, Rick, K7GM/4

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