was: IARU Score - 9V1ARU (now W5WMU power)

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Second message, in case you haven't read my first one...

> But what's your point Randy?  You didn't make one.

I think the word "classless" rang true...

> Why did you move back to W1-land?  <deleted>

Here I thought it was because he got a great job offer, and because it 
would put him nearer his in-laws.  But then again, what do I know?  

> If W5WMU truly doesn't run very high power, my apologies to him.

... and that makes it all better...


>From Dave Pascoe <pascoe at MathWorks.Com>  Fri Jul 15 18:28:29 1994
From: Dave Pascoe <pascoe at MathWorks.Com> (Dave Pascoe)
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 13:28:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: the W5WMU flame-fest
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9407151353.P29000-0100000 at zippy>

I've received personal responses from many people on my posts and 
others' posts regarding this topic.

I would like to make several things clear:

1) I have no personal vendetta against anyone.

2) I have strong beliefs about contesting ethics (tell us how you really 
   feel, Dave).

3) Many people supported some of the accusations made.  Many people 
   spoke out in defense of the accused.  I was glad to see both.
   But it's interesting to see the comments....it's one of those taboo 
   subjects that isn't talked about in depth.  Sure, rumours circulate.  
   But only through peer pressure will people understand what is 
   acceptable and what is not.  Breaking the rules should not be 

4) None of us (except for W5WMU) 
   knows the absolute truth.  But that wasn't the point of all this.
   The point was to get some useful discussion going.  It got way 
   out of hand.  I accept much of the blame for that.  It was too much
   and hit too close to home for many people to handle.  Others made
   incredibly insightful comments.

   I'm truly sorry (especially to W5WMU, who I don't believe is on the 
   list and who I am going to send a personal letter of apology to for 
   all this).  He was just the example; it could have been any of us.  I 
   have no reason to malign W5WMU's character and I was wrong for making 
   such a strong accusation; it should have been speculation instead.  
   Again, I do sincerely apologize for that.  It was unacceptable 
   behavior and I now recognize that.
5) The fact remains that people cheat in contests.  In many ways.  We all 
   know this to be true.  It can be hard to prove, though.  This is why 
   many times we only have rumours.  This is bad.

6) This IS just a hobby.  We can all lose sight of that from time to time.

7) I'm not in the business of making enemies.  It was never my original 
   intention.  But I won't back down on the principles I believe in.  

 km3t at mathworks.com

>From Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk at bits.fc.hp.com>  Fri Jul 15 18:45:41 1994
From: Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 <jayk at bits.fc.hp.com> (Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826)
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 94 11:45:41 MDT
Subject: Gas and humor
Message-ID: <9407151745.AA29139 at bits.fc.hp.com>

> I wondered why the FT1000 had 200 watts output when 100 is fine to drive
> most any amplifier to 1500 watts out.

1. If you don't own an amp its a big selling feature.
2. My Alpha 76PA takes a little more than 100w drive for 1500w on 10 meters.
3. I can run 145w in a 150w limit contests with no amplifier.
4. Driving my amp with the exicter at half power gives me a nice clean signal.
5. Running equipment conservatively in a contest means less Murphy.
6. I probably forgot at least one good reason.

> Then I saw the ad for Alpha
> that inferred using an Alpha on each of the antennas of a stack.
> Of course this same ad had a FT1000 as an exciter.
> So assuming a 2 stack on the band in question.
> Gee, each Alpha fed with 100 watts (I'd say at least 2kw each)

Perhaps you should ask OH2BH about this one. If you have the will power
to run the two amps legally reason #5 above could apply. Also you can
drive the two amps with the exciters antenna turner doing the matching
and avoid the need for a matching network. Of course he could be gassing
it up big time but all I could infer from the ad is his shack is better
equipped than mine. 

> Whom are we kidding here ?

As long as I don't kid myself I'm OK.

Anybody remember a ARRL SSB DX test 15 years or so ago when a VP5 was
giving out 59 5KW? Seems his license had no power limit.

Peace & 73, Jay K0GU           jayk at fc.hp.com

Just when I thought I was going to get through the gas thread without
sending out a reply . . . . 

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