Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si
Thu Jul 14 10:36:32 EDT 1994

Hi Bill & contesters,

I am very impressed by BIG amtennas and compliments to W5WMU good receprion.

Bill, Could You possibly add, as matter of common interest, what kind of radios
and amplifiers are used at W5WMU?


>Get your handbooks out and read-up on db change vs. power level. One must
>increase power 4 TIMES in order to achieve 6db change. When a signal is 30-40
>db over S9, what difference is 6db????

73 de Mario, S56A, S57MM, N1YU, ex YU3EA, YU1PCF.

email: Marijan.Miletic at IJS.SI

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at world.std.com>  Wed Jul 20 06:31:34 1994
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at world.std.com> (Randy A Thompson)
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 01:31:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: FW: K7SS QRP? (NOW: sign ur postings pse!)
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On Tue, 19 Jul 1994, Skelton, Tom wrote:
>  ----------
> From: owner-cq-contest
> Subject: K7SS QRP?
> Date: Tuesday, July 19, 1994 9:32AM
> <del comment about K7SS in ETO ad>
> I wish everyone would at least sign their call to the postings.  Lots of us 
> are
> "mailer challenged" and have no idea who posted something.  thanks!
> 73,Tom WB4iUX (Tom.Skelton at ClemsonSC.NCR.COM)
I think this is kind of like the guy on 75m, who hears people calling a 
station, so he calls.  He works the DX.  Then asks on frequency, "Anybody 
know what that guys call was/is?"

If ya' can't hear 'em, ya just don't know who they are.

Randy, K5ZD

>From fhmoore at nemed.b11.ingr.com (frank moore)  Wed Jul 20 15:23:37 1994
From: fhmoore at nemed.b11.ingr.com (frank moore) (frank moore)
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 94 9:23:37 CDT
Subject: No amp Req'd
Message-ID: <199407201423.AA20879 at nemed.b11.ingr.com>

Steve Fraasch <sfraasch at ATK.COM> writes:

stuff deleted ...

>Also, why is it that the locations of you guys making the "no amp required" 
>comments are always in the eastern, or southern U.S.?

stuff deleted ...

>It is virtually impossible to work DX here on 160m, 75m, and 40m without the 
>full 1.5 KW out.

I learned long ago that the ire that a particular subject or action evokes
in a person seems to be directly related to how much it affects them 
personally. For example it is difficult for me to be too concerned about 
excessive power since time, money and skill constraints keep me from competing
for the top ten and if I throw too many rocks, I break my own glass house. 
It would be nice if empathy was a more universal human quality but in the end 
doesn't it matter more what people do than what they say?

                                                  Frank, KE4GY
                                                  fhmoore at ingr.com

>From Steve Harrison <sharriso at sysplan.com>  Wed Jul 20 17:10:54 1994
From: Steve Harrison <sharriso at sysplan.com> (Steve Harrison)
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 12:10:54 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9407201254.A11998-0100000 at eagle>

On Tue, 19 Jul 1994, Skelton, Tom wrote:
> Anybody with money can buy a big
> amp.  It takes a helluva lot more to put up several rotating towers
> and stacks!
No, it doesn't...we all know of several large "contesting" stations owned 
by guys who paid to have the entire antenna farm designed and built, one 
of the more recent ones in Colorado. 20 years ago before Wilson antennas 
came into being, the largest and most effective DXing yagis were 
hand-built on site by the station owner and his friends. That is still 
true, but becoming less so every year. In fact, several of the more 
famous subscribers to this reflector make their living designing and 
building stations for others who have the money. Nothing wrong with it, 
and I, myself, wish I could get into the same line. It's not particularly 
lucrative perhaps, but boy, I bet those designers really enjoy seeing 
their ideas place in the top 5 places the first year! 73, Steve KO0U/4 
<sharrison at sysplan.com>

>From Swanson, Glenn" <gswanson at arrl.org  Wed Jul 20 14:20:00 1994
From: Swanson, Glenn" <gswanson at arrl.org (Swanson, Glenn)
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 94 09:20:00 EDT
Message-ID: <2E2D24C3 at arrl.org>

From: Steve Harrison
To: Peter Hardie
Cc: cq mailing list
Subject: Re: THE BIG BOMB
Date: Tuesday, July 19, 1994 4:06

> On Tue, 19 Jul 1994, KEVIN - WA8ZDT wrote:
> >
> > By now most of the used 4-1000's and 3-1000Z's are old and gasious. 
> > leaves you with purchasing new one of the modern external anode tubes.
> What's wrong with going solid state? I've seen some QRP rigs that use
> four 2n2222s in parallel for around 2W output.... Pete "Is he smiling?"
> Hardie ve5va

>Hey, haven't you guys seen those new, cheap 4CX1600A Russian driver tubes
>yet? Steve, KO0U/4

And... I knew a guy in Virginia that had military surplus gear that he 
obtained in relationship to time spent on MARS nets, more time in, more gear 
He had a surplus HF amp that ran "at least 5KW without working up a sweat". 

'Course we know he never ran it at full power in the ham bands - he told me 
                                                             Glenn KB1GW 
 gswanson at arrl.org

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