IARU Score for NC0P

PerryB1237 at aol.com PerryB1237 at aol.com
Thu Jul 14 11:58:11 EDT 1994

IARU Contest score for NC0P was as follows:

Category: Multiop
Location:  Twenty miles east of Des Moines, IA
Ops:         NC0P, WA0FLS, WD0GVY, WO0V, WR0G

Band              cw                   ssb               mult.

160                 3                      0                   3
 80                 23                   14                   9
 40                141                    3                  25
 20                457                  669                 49
.15                  65                    59                 22
 10                   0                     16                  2

Totals:           689                  761                 110

QSOs= 1454, QSO Points=5260, Score= 578,600 points

(Sorry, I do not have QSO Points per band)

By the way, I am new to the reflector and am enjoying it immensely.


>From bgarratt at hookup.net (Barry Garratt)  Thu Jul 14 16:04:16 1994
From: bgarratt at hookup.net (Barry Garratt) (Barry Garratt)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 11:04:16 -0400
Subject: Oops!
Message-ID: <199407141504.LAA14112 at noc.tor.hookup.net>

The reference should have been to W0UN not N0UN (but you all knew
that anyway).
Sorry John.

Barry VE3CDX
  Barry D. Garratt                         bgarratt at hookup.net
  905 573-0788

>From laurence at lsi-logic.co.uk (Laurence Mason)  Thu Jul 14 17:10:37 1994
From: laurence at lsi-logic.co.uk (Laurence Mason) (Laurence Mason)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 94 16:10:37 BST
Subject: Indoor antennas and GAS
Message-ID: <9407141510.AA03610 at lonfs01.lsi-logic.co.uk>

> Hi,
> Anybody out here have any type of recomendation for an indoor HF antena?

Judging by the recent correspondence on GAS a 4CX5000 sounds like a
good indoor antenna.

We have seen the list of antennas at W5WMU but can anyone list the
active elements in the  amps???  One can usually draw one's own
conclusions from that information!!!

Laurence G4HTD
laurence at lsi-logic.co.uk

>From Steve Harrison <sharriso at sysplan.com>  Thu Jul 14 18:00:06 1994
From: Steve Harrison <sharriso at sysplan.com> (Steve Harrison)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 13:00:06 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9407141306.D27152-0100000 at eagle>

Not having operated at W3LPL myself, I can't state for sure that all of 
the 3-1000Z amplifiers are really kept at 1500 watts output. However, the 
small amount of additional power that those jugs can generate beyond the 
legal limit would hardly make any difference, especially when running 
stations. I would be willing to bet that nobody has ever had to repair 
any of those Drake WM4 wattmeters at W3LPL due to excessive power. 
Besides, there are always too many antenna projects in the works to risk 
burning up something in the shack....

73, Steve KO0U/4

>From James Brooks <9v1yc%equator at csar.csah.com>  Thu Jul 14 17:26:51 1994
From: James Brooks <9v1yc%equator at csar.csah.com> (James Brooks)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 16:26:51 GMT
Subject: 100KW input fm UA9BA
Message-ID: <2e25593e.equator at equator.uucp>

> High power... I gess one thing is being missed here.
> What is high power? How much is inuff to be in the
> class of high power? Anything above the license limit?
> Well, hr in Russia it is 200w dc input... How can a
> Russin compete against 1kw US amateur fairly? And so
> on, and so on...

Hmmmm...I heard the same argument used by the Soviet swimming 
team coach during a long past Olympics when two team members got
chucked out for "illegal substances".  You guys apply the
same tactics in amateur radio competition too I guess.

> I consider power factor in a real simple way. As long
> as one is capable to run a station with "gas" ( doesn't
> matter if its a 100kw one) without  interference
> to others on band, to be read - loud but clean signal,
> it is OK with me. It is 100kw guy's problem if he is
> known as a "big alligator" not ours as long as he does not
> QRM others.

So I guess as long as I cheat like hell, use as much power
as I can, break the spirit of the rules and my license, but 
don't get caught or bug anyone its OK?  Geez! No wonder anarchy 
is taking hold up there in Russia. You sure got guts.


James  9V1YC

| James 9V1YC | 9v1yc%equator at csah.com  |

>From David C. Patton" <mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu  Thu Jul 14 18:38:46 1994
From: David C. Patton" <mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (David C. Patton)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 12:38:46 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: W5WMU...The full picture
Message-ID: <199407141738.AA23520 at ecom1.ecn.bgu.edu>

That is an awesome station, W5WMU.  Always has been.

And K5GA notes "...one must increase power 4 TIMES in order to
achieve 6 db change.  When a signal is 30 db over S9, what difference
is 6 db????"

Ok, so does that mean 6,000 watts (1500 x 4)?

6 db on the low bands is HUGE.  6 db on a backscatter signal
effectively clears out 5 kHz around the CQing signal.

One can put up giant, multiple antennas until the sun is blocked out
completely, and whether the station is 30 db over S9, or 36 db over
S9 is irrelevant; Excessive "GAS" is illegal and unsportsmanlike
(read cheating).

Dave Patton, WX3N
mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu

>From raid5!davep at csn.org (Dave Palmer)  Thu Jul 14 18:45:46 1994
From: raid5!davep at csn.org (Dave Palmer) (Dave Palmer)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 11:45:46 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Indoor antennas
Message-ID: <9407141745.AA19850 at raid5>

Steve, W4/YV5DTA asks about indoor antennas...

Contesting with indoor antennas is really tough.  
(But it doesn't deter me!)

Take my attic AEA IsoLoop (*please*!)
If you have to put something indoors, the IsoLoop can be a good 
choice since it is small and may work better at lower heights than
a dipole.  But the big contest drawback is the very narrow bandwidth
on 20 meters:  with an indoor IsoLoop you are not going to be 
holding forth CQ-ing on a single frequency for hours, so you get forced into
search & pounce mode...but that means that if you wander more than
about 10 kHz you must retune the IsoLoop.  With practice, you can 
run the stepper motor controller just a few "clicks" in the right
direction and be pretty close.  AEA also offers an expensive 
auto tuner but I don't have it so cannot comment on how well it works.
(Note: the autotuner in your rig, if any, cannot be used with the IsoLoop
or with the MFJ loop).

See the article by K7JA in May QST about operating Sweepstakes from KP4 with 
an IsoLoop that was mounted on an outside tower.  (Hmmm: Outside worth
3 dB + KP4 worth 10 dB = 13 dB over inside stateside??)

On 15 and 10, though, I have pretty good results with the attic IsoLoop.
I'm in Colorado, and on 15 SSB, JAs usually respond to the 2nd or 3rd
call, and they never slow me down by engaging in conversation about 
how I am destroying the S-meter on their '930.

I also have a open-wire fed dipole in the attic, but on 40, even a very
low outside dipole is a lot better. 
The ARRL Antenna Compendium, 2nd edition, has an article by NT0Z (?)
about his good results with an attic wire tribander (2 el on 20, 
3 el on 15 and 10).  Something like that may be my next project.
Must you really use an indoor antenna?
My outdoor Stealth HF6V is almost ready for the upcoming SprINTERNET 
contest.  The buried ground radials are always in place (they are NOT an 
antenna). The vertical goes up just before contest time.  
For a 2 hour contest, by the time the neighbors  notice the vertical
*POOF*! it is back in the garage in storage for the next ionospheric

Maybe we need a special contest just for us indoor antenna sufferers?!
Dave Palmer, N6KL/0
Boulder, CO

davep at arraytech.com

>From Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at netcom.com  Thu Jul 14 19:26:17 1994
From: Peter G. Smith" <n4zr at netcom.com (Peter G. Smith)
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 1994 11:26:17 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9407141138.A22981-0100000 at netcom>

Hi Steve - I just re-read my message to K5GA, and don't think it could be
-- certainly shouldn't be -- misconstrued to suggest that W3LPL runs
illegal power.  As has been multiply pointed out today, antennas and QTH
make a bigger difference than anything else.  My only point was that when
the stacks reach some reasonable dimensional limit, and you're still
looking for the next few DB, super-power might then be cost-effective
compared with antenna measures.  At that point it really is an ethical, as
compared with a practical matter.  But as you imply and someone else said
today, the best test of all this is "What's in the final?"  Nobody would
balk at a 3-1000Z, but a 4CX15,000, for example, would be another matter. 

73, Pete                                       
N4ZR at netcom.com

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