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Thu Jul 21 11:37:36 EDT 1994

I have had in my mind for some time this idea for a contest that I think is
unique and could be fun. It levels the playing field competition wise, and it
makes the contest more fun for the DX stations.

In regard to competition, it would be a closer race if the geographically
advantaged stations would have to work for their QSOs instead of sitting on
14003 or 14151 calling CQ endlessly. I picture this style of contesting as
the commercial fishermen who use their big mile long nets to capture every
living organism in the ocean.
For us geographically disadvantaged stations, we have to listen to these
stations CQing over and over, thereby not enabling us to hear those weak

In regard to the DX stations, it is no fun to turn on the radio and hear
nothing but the big guns bombarding the airwaves. It could be intimidating
for the casual stations. I personally have this feeling as do some of my
friends who also travel and have heard this.

I suggest that we have a contest where US stations CANNOT call cq. Only DX
stations call cq. This will require the W1/2/3/4 boys to WORK for their QSOs.
Maybe it will allows us in W5/6/7/8/9/0 the ability to score higher since the
QRM levels will be down. It should be much more fun for the small pistoled DX
stations because they will be popular, in demand so to speak. This could
generate more popularity within the DX community to join in on the fun since
these big muscled CQers would be silenced. Personally, I don't think it looks
good from the dx point of view to hear the US stations bullying around.

Could this truly allow us in the midwest and west to compete with the
 northeast boys? I think so.


Bill K5GA

Bill K5GA

>From Michael Owen <MOWE at SLUMUS.STLAWU.EDU>  Thu Jul 21 15:45:58 1994
From: Michael Owen <MOWE at SLUMUS.STLAWU.EDU> (Michael Owen)
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 94 10:45:58 EDT
Subject: W5WMU
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>I can assure you that in stateside contests (ie SS etc) it will be hard for
>anyone to beat me from this station. I'm too good an operator to have to use

Modesty is such a *terrible* burden.

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