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Thu Jul 21 11:51:05 EDT 1994

I just received my August '94 CQ.  I was scanning through
the NAQP rules listed in this issue and was wondering about 
a couple things.

1)  There appears to be a mistake in that it says multi-ops 
      operate 10 out of 12 hours.  Nothing about single-ops.

2)  In the suggested frequencies 28.600 is still listed as a
      meeting place (28.450 as well - novice).  Couldn't this
      be just .450?  I doubt anybody really listens that high

3)   It says to send team registration to K8CC.  I know Dave 
       used to be involved but I thought he passed  his NAQP
       duties on to others.

Granted none of this is earth-shattering.  Perhaps it's just 
some updating needs to be done.  I'd hate to see a new
contester (say, one who doesn't get NCJ yet) have a bad
experience in this FUN contest and be turned off because of

Mike  N0BSH
n0bsh at

>From Steve Harrison <sharriso at>  Thu Jul 21 15:34:10 1994
From: Steve Harrison <sharriso at> (Steve Harrison)
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 1994 10:34:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CT VER 8.XX scoring
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9407211010.B17822-0100000 at eagle>

My CT version 8.47 scored FD wrong but in a different manner. We claimed 
QRP this year, and CT got our 10 points for CW and 5 points for SSB OK. 
However, it also did not count the bonuses correctly, cheating us of 200 
points. I first did the usual WRITELOG which created the summary sheet 
etc. and found the missing bonus point problem. I then went back into CT 
with the same *.bin file and examined what bonuses I had checked; I found 
CT had "corrected" my QRP and public QTH to 150 watts and no public QTH. 
I recorrected those, went into the logging mode to check that the summary 
window scored things correctly (which it did), then did another WRITELOG 
(I had renamed the old files created the first time something else so 
they would neither be overwritten or cause problems when I did another 
WRITELOG). THe 2nd *.SUM sheet showed the exact same problem; 200 fewer 
bonus points than we should have had.

I repeated the whole thing still a third time, except I exited CT BEFORE 
doing a WRITELOG, then went back in a 4th time. The summary sheet showed 
the correct score for the 4th time indicating that the bonus point 
corrections I had made during the 3rd running were properly recorded in 
the *.bin log file. Then I did a WRITELOG, and STILL found the bonuses 
not credited! At this point, I gave up and simply edited the text files 
using my favorite word processor.

I recall that when I operated 1D several years ago, I had just received 
my first version 7 copy, and it had the double QSO point problem. When I 
called up the same file with my old version 6, the score was correct.

I've long learned not to trust the scoring of CT in any contest, but to 
check each and every QSO and the summary score by eye. I have also long 
wondered how many others have accepted CT's scoring on blind faith, 
submitted a log, then found the log to be scored differently by the 
contest sponsor and blasted the sponsor for what the submitter thought 
was inordinate attention paid to their own entry.

And I've also been glad that I've never had a couple thousand Q log to 
check over! CT is the best contest logging program I've seen, but it 
can't do math worth a plugged nickel. 73, Steve KO0U/4

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