Ray Rocker rrrocker at rock.b11.ingr.com
Thu Jul 21 17:53:10 EDT 1994

I like it too. A contest of nothing but search and pounce. Hey, that's all  
I can usually do anyway! I don't think "equalization" should be the goal,
I mean that's still impossible -- I'm sure W5WMU et. al. can work JAs for  
hours after the last one fades out for me, and restricting to S&P is not      
going to take away the propagational advantage the W1s have. Restricting 
to S&P would put more of a premium on skill though. Any nitwit can sit at 
the controls of a computerized mega-station parked at the band edge 
answering CQs. Successful S&Ping takes practice.

I wonder what little pistol DX stations think of it though...I mean wouldn't
it be doubly hard for them to find a productive spot to CQ, with ALL the
big and semi-big stations on their end doing the same? Turning it around --
letting only W/VE stations CQ and the DX call us -- would not be something 
I would be interested in...

...or are the DX stations allowed to S&P also? That might work.         

-- ray // WQ5L // first needs antennas to hear the DX
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