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Thu Jul 28 18:47:39 EDT 1994

My unsubscribe evidently did not work.
Please take me off the contest reflector somehow.

>From Walton L. Stinson" <wstinson at  Thu Jul 28 22:52:12 1994
From: Walton L. Stinson" <wstinson at (Walton L. Stinson)
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 1994 15:52:12 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Contest Club milage rules
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i dont see much support for doing away with the mileage limits.
jim is proposing that we put some flexibility in by saying that the 
geographical center of a club has so many grid squares
around it, and that these grid squares can be configured anyway 
you want - square, rectangle, straight line, or anything else
as long as the grid squares are contiguous.  it is an interesting
73, walt, w0cp, <wstinson at>

>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at  Fri Jul 29 00:59:00 1994
From: Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at (Douglas S. Zwiebel)
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 18:59 EST
Subject: The BLUE & KU2Q
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Well, some of you guys read my SONG about the summer contest blues.  And
some of those got lost with the reference to: Finally got an award, from
KU2Q.  Not so many weeks ago, when there was a noise about lack of awards
and certificates showning up, Susan posted a "certificate" on E-mail.  All
you had to do was print it out, then trim it and fill in the blanks....
an award for all!  I liked it alot and included it in my lyrics.  And
that's it!  

>From Kenneth G. Kopp" <0006485696 at  Fri Jul 29 01:41:00 1994
From: Kenneth G. Kopp" <0006485696 at (Kenneth G. Kopp)
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 19:41 EST
Subject: Enough Already!!
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Hello Gerry!

So your next move is "unsubscribe" ... a threat?? ... aimed where?? 
If you do, then you're the only loser ... no one will even know you've

Certainly not every subject that runs through here is going to interest
each and every reader, but I have absolutely no doubt that each of us
picks up a bit of knowledge or insight along the way, with a chuckle
or two thrown in for fun. 

Please give us a list of the subjects you consider appropiate, and we'll
limit ourselves in order that you'll find every posting to your interest/s.

73 de Ken Kopp/K0PP ;-)

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