Grid Squares in HF Contests

ve2zp at bbs.ve3jf.AMPR.ORG ve2zp at bbs.ve3jf.AMPR.ORG
Thu Jul 28 18:39:20 EDT 1994

Jim K1ZX asked:

     "Is there an award for working grid squares at HF?"

Then answered his own question with:

     ", if you have interest in a contest based on squares at 
     HF then you will probably also need to sponsor an award for squares at get where I am coming from?"

As several others have mentioned, such an award DOES exist, the Swedish SSA's
"Field Award".   Details are available on the ARRL Operating Manual (1987 
edition) pp. 8-52 and 8-53.  I believe it was also publicized in CQ's awards 
column several years ago, but I cannot provide a reference.  

The award exists, but it hasn't yet fired the imaginations of many.  Maybe 
the contest will help popularize the award.


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