Contest Club milage rules

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Thu Jul 28 17:51:51 EDT 1994


The only problem I see as a result of doing away alltogether with the milage
limits would be the probability (high) of the forming of national "clubs"
with the intention of cornering the market on big scores.  These so-called
clubs would rule the top positions in club comp.

It could do away with the "local" groups so active in todays contesting
because of the inability to compete on the club level.

I (and many here) would support the elimination of milage limits if there
remained a minimum meeting attendence rule.  This would do away with all but
the most extreme paper clubs.  These extremists would probably soon be seen
for what they are and ignored.

Its my opinion that local contest clubs do a great deal for contesting in
general by acting as a focal point for new hams interested in radiosport.
 Also, check out the award lists for most of the major contests.  You will
see that the majority are sponsored by contest clubs.

Food for thought ......

Keith  WB9TIY
Society of Midwest Contesters
BlckHole at

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