RAC Canada Day Contest - 1 July

Thu Jun 2 04:58:35 EDT 1994


Each year on 1 July, the anniversary of Canada's confederation, the
Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) sponsors the Canada Day Contest. 
Amateurs all over the world are invited to Canada's birthday party
on the air.

Contest Period: 0000z to 2359z 1 July 1994

Bands and Modes: 160 through 2 metres, either CW or 'phone (SSB,
FM, AM, etc.)  Suggested frequencies for CW are: 25 kHz up from
the band edge. For SSB try: 1850, 3775, 7075, 7225, 14175, 21250,
28500 kHz.  Check for CW activity on the half-hour.

QSOs: Any station can work any other station for QSO credit.  You
may work the same station once on each band and mode.  A QSO
with a station in Canada is worth 10 points.  Maritime Mobile
stations (VE0) count as Canada.  QSOs with RAC official stations
are worth 20 points.  Their callsigns are: VA2RAC, VA3RAC, VA7RAC,
VO2RAC, VY1RAC, and VY2RAC.  Stations outside Canada are worth 2
points.  CW QSOs in the conventional SSB sub-bands, SSB QSOs
in the CW sub-bands, and QSOs made or solicited through a repeater
are all invalid.

Exchange:Canadians send RST and Province or Territory.  Foreign and
VE0 stations send RST and serial numbers.

Multipliers: Multipliers are Canadian provinces and territories (12
in all), and count once on each band and mode. (ie. 12 on
160m SSB, 12 on 160m CW, 12 on 80m SSB...)  The multipliers, and
their associated prefixes are: Newfoundland (VO1 and VO2),
Prince Edward Island (VY2), Nova Scotia (VE1, CY9, CY), New
Brunswick (VE9), Qubec (VE2/VA2), Ontario (VE3/VA3), Manitoba
(VE4), Saskatchewan (VE5), Alberta (VE6), British Colombia
(VE7/VA7), Northwest Territories (VE8) and Yukon Territory (VY1).

Final Score: Total your QSO points, and multiply by your multiplier
         ie.: 100 VE QSOs = 1000       
               10 RAC QSOs=  200    'phone multipliers= 20
              100 DX QSOs =  200        CW multipliers= 30
              210 QSOs    = 1400 points          total= 50
      1400 QSO points X 50 multiplier points = 70,000 final score

Classes of Entry: Certificates will be awarded to the top-scoring
entrant in each province, territory, USA call area and DXCC
country in each of the following categories:
         1. Single Operator, All Bands;
         2. Single Operator, Single Band;
         3. Single Operator, All Bands, QRP (5w output);
         4. Multi-operator.
         Single operators who receive multiplier-spotting assitance
from DX Spotting or PacketCluster networks should class      
themselves as multi-operator entries.  There are no single-mode
categories.  Multi-operator stations may operate on several bands

Entries: Must contain a summary sheet showing score calculation, a
dupe sheet listing calls woked by band and mode, a multiplier
checklist, and log sheets.  Log sheets must show time, band, mode,
call, exchange received, and QSO points claimed for each QSO. 
Multipliers should be clearly marked.  Send entries to: RAC, PO Box
356, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 4W2, CANADA by 31 July, 1994.

Results: Will be published in November TCA, and will be sent to
certificate winners.

Trophies: Will be awarded to the top-scoring scoring entrants as
follows: Single operator, all bands (sponsored by RAC); Single
operator single band (sponsored by RAC); Multi-operator (Sponsored
by RAC); Single operator, outside Canada (Jorge Bozzo LU8DQ
memorial, sponsored by Alan Goodacre VE3HX/VE2AEJ)


>From Celia Tony Becker <becker at shell.portal.com>  Thu Jun  2 07:42:21 1994
From: Celia Tony Becker <becker at shell.portal.com> (Celia Tony Becker)
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 23:42:21 -0700
Subject: >Submitting WPX logs to CQ via Internet
Message-ID: <199406020642.XAA11569 at jobe.shell.portal.com>

Starting with the 1994 contests, CQ WPX logs can be submitted via e-mail 
on the internet. 

The e-mail address is:          sdb at ag9v.ampr.org.  

Logs must be in ASCII format with all of the required information. The log 
should be unformatted and space delimited.  For those using "CT", 
WRITEARRL or AK1AFORMAT will produce a file that is acceptable.  Other 
popular logging programs should produce unformatted ASCII files in a 
similar format. A summary sheet and a sorted prefix list are also 
required.  Please include a phone or fax number where you can be reached.  
If electronic submission is well received, it will be continued in the 
future.  This address is for CQ WPX Logs only.


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