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Thu Jun 2 04:02:39 EDT 1994

I think Ken has an interesting idea in the grant. I too would be willing to
contribute to such a fund, assuming it were well thought out and manageable.
It could make a big difference to someone just getting started.

However, it does raise some potential legal/ethical questions and could be
prone to abuse or the appearance of abuse. It could be that the appearance
issue may be the biggest! How would it look to other sectors of our hobby?
Can we communicate the specifics effectively so as to make it clear that it
is NOT a form of compensation? How do we assure the eligibility of potential
grantees? Going back through a list of submitted contest logs is sure to be
difficult and prone to inaccuracy. What about newcomers with plenty of
resources - are they eligible too? How could their level of resources be
determined fairly and without turning the process into a financial audit?  

Just a few ideas. Let's hear more.
73, Mike AA7NX at AOL.COM 

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Date: Thu, 02 Jun 94 09:02:00 PDT
Subject: IARU R1 Field Day
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Whatever the outcome of the discussion on here, you might in any case want to 
give out some points in the IARU Region 1 Field Day (yes, we harmonised the 
date and time across Region 1 some years back) which runs from 1500 this 
Saturday (4th June) for 24 hours. The exchange is RST + Serial no. 
European Field Day stations gain points from all QSOs as follows:

European fixed stations    1pt
European portables         3pts
None-European fixed stns   2pts
None-European portables    6pts

(I think I have that right. I'm working from memory as I don't have the 
rules in front of me right now - in other words, we can work any of you 
stateside guys for points, but there is a premium on working other Region 1 
Field Day stations. Makes designing the antenna farm interesting, as most of 
these high scoring ones are high angle, so high antennas can be a severe 
disadvantage. Always lots of /P activity from G ON DL HB9 especially).

Oh yes, 160 and 10 metre QSOs score double points, so there is a big 
incentive to catch any Sporadic E openings on 10, and to hit 160 hard during 
the limited darkness hours.

Hope some of you will come on and give out some FD QSOs.

73 Don G3XTT (operator at G3ULT/P)

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