WPX rules?

KA9FOX at aol.com KA9FOX at aol.com
Fri Jun 3 16:53:46 EDT 1994

Barry W2UP writes:
  > Since I am in 3 land, can I sign W2UP/NQ3 or 
  > some other exotic prefix?  Or, must I just do 
  > W2UP/3, or no portable?                       

Mike, N0BSH replies:
 > To all those wondering about the rules for 
 > signing portable, etc. may I suggest you 
 > contact KA9FOX.  He knows!!!! (sorry Scotty, 
 > I couldn't resist)                            

Mike is referring to my, um, humbling experience in the 1992 CW WPX.  With a
very low two-element tri-bander and a ground-mounted trap vertical at my
place, I decided I needed something extra for stations to actually call my
common KA9 prefix.  So, I got on with KG9/KA9FOX !!  Sounds exotic, doesn't
it?  I still get buro QSL's with that call!  CQ Magazine was not amused, and
upon reading the results in 1993, I found that I was the ONLY station
disqualified in the contest.  The effort was not serious (nobody would
compete seriously from my seriously deficient station) so it was no biggie.
 Heck, it gave me something fun to talk about at Dayton!  (wore a name badge
with "Dee Qued" as the name)

My experience doesn't apply to Barry's question, however, since he's in a
different call area.  My guess is that it is not legit.

73 Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at aol.com

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