Mon Jun 6 13:42:21 EDT 1994

We are planning a SERIOUS Multi-Single effort from 9Y4 (probably Tobago)
for CQWW SSB this year and are looking for a few good ops. If you
are interested please send e-mail to me.

Tim Pearson, KU4J
ku4j at opus.hsv.isg.mot.com
205-430-8820 day

>From eric%modular.UUCP at cs.arizona.edu (Eric Gustafson)  Mon Jun  6 18:29:42 1994
From: eric%modular.UUCP at cs.arizona.edu (Eric Gustafson) (Eric Gustafson)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 10:29:42 MST
Subject: Worldwide Field Day?
Message-ID: <9406061729.AA07556 at modular>


I have spent the winter at Tumbler Ridge, B.C. and at Labrador City up in
Newfie country.  I have also spent the spring/summer transition there (55
degrees N Lat. both places).  I personally would rather do a FD operation
in the winter.  Only problem would be keeping the bears out of the
provisions and that is probably also less of a problem in the wintertime.

73,  Eric  N7CL

>From eric%modular.UUCP at cs.arizona.edu (Eric Gustafson)  Mon Jun  6 18:22:30 1994
From: eric%modular.UUCP at cs.arizona.edu (Eric Gustafson) (Eric Gustafson)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 10:22:30 MST
Subject: Create Rotator
Message-ID: <9406061722.AA07444 at modular>


Don't bother replacing the housing unless the stud holes are stress
cracked.  If they are just stripped, take the housing to a local machine
shop and have them put in "helicoil" thread replacements.  They will know
what you mean.  These replacement threads are much tougher than the
original threads and can even be self locking.  If there is enough material
around the bolt holes, they can even go to a larger bolt size if necessary.

For the future of any rotor on your tower, you might consider mounting the
rotor plate to the tower in an isolated fashion ala motor mounts.  Yes,
just like (or even actually if there is room) automotive motor mounts.  The
idea is to absorb some of the shock loads and distribute the sudden torque
changes over a bit of time.  This worked for one very large array I had to
deal with for the military.  This was a very large array and it was killing
both tower and rotator until the shock loads were dealt with.

73,  Eric  N7CL

>From David C. Patton" <mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu  Mon Jun  6 21:05:08 1994
From: David C. Patton" <mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (David C. Patton)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 15:05:08 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: WPX CW Notes
Message-ID: <199406062005.AA22890 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu>

Driving 1400 miles East over WPX CW provided and interesting
opportunity for me to experience propagation differences.  I base my
observations on 9 years of operating from K4VX/0.  I compared 40
meters from three locations: 

               K4VX/0 in NE MO; 3 el @ 130'
              K3LR in WPA (750 miles East); 3 over 3 on 190' twr
      K5ZD/1 in Mid-MA (1350 Miles East); broken 40-2cd (rot dip)110'

Time of day: approximately one hour before sunset.

9A1A @ VX prob S-5
     @ LR S-9+5
     @ ZD S-9+10

RA6AX @ VX abt S-1
      @ LR  S-6
      @ ZD  S-9

AZ4F  @ VX abt S-9
      @ LR S-7
      @ ZD S-7

UA9.. @ VX generally inaudible
      @ LR S-3
      @ ZD S-5

You get the idea.  The South America path is better in Mo.  Otherwise
the saying is "Go East Young Contester!"  I concur with Bill Fisher's
observations from NS0Z.

K3LR has a beautiful station and location and should be deservedly
proud of an outstanding installation.  I can't imagine how many guys
with their hamshack-on-the-belt drive by on I-80 and momentarily lose
control of their vehicle.

K5ZD/1 also has a beautiful location.  Randy knows how to take his
midwestern upbringing into New England and really capitalize on his
new QTH.  He is on a tree-infested hill, and his RF shots are clean
and VERY far above the surroundings.  I must admit I was astounded to
hear 160 meters loaded with S-9 EU early on Saturday evening.  I have
never operated East of Chicago.  But Randy is right, I may have been
ruined by this experience.  We just don't hear anything even CLOSE to
that, with BIG midwestern antennas.  And the interesting thing is:
Randy's broken 2 el shorty forty matched and beat LR's stack to EU.
Now LR should whip Randy into Asia and OC, but nowadays, that doesn't
gain much score.

I really enjoyed my visits.  Contesters and their families are always
fantastic people.  And they have nice stuff too.

Dave Patton, WX3N
mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu

Speaking of Drive-by sitings, a new student here at WIU who is also
someone who wears-his-hamshack-on-his-belt, commented to me how he
was driving on US 61 through Missouri, and saw this crazy guy on top
of one of about ten huge towers.  Couldn't see why anybody would want
all that hardware when all he needed was two meters.  I couldn't tell
him that was K4VX.  I will have to break him in slowly.

>From D. Leeson" <0005543629 at mcimail.com  Mon Jun  6 23:54:00 1994
From: D. Leeson" <0005543629 at mcimail.com (D. Leeson)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 17:54 EST
Subject: Create Rotator
Message-ID: <62940606225426/0005543629NA3EM at mcimail.com>

Motor mounts, what a great ia Eric!  There are a zillion different
sizes and configurations, and they are not too expensive, either.  My
ol' race car didn't use any, just hard-mounted the whole motor/trans, but
I'm on the way out to the garage to peek into my Hondas for ideas...next
a trip to the junkyard.  This may be an easier method than the shaft units
I've been using, because there is more room for mounting and all...will
let y'all know if I learn anything useful...Dave, W6QHS  dleeson at mcimail.com

>From Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad at smtp.esl.com  Tue Jun  7 00:15:07 1994
From: Tim Coad" <Tim_Coad at smtp.esl.com (Tim Coad)
Date: 6 Jun 1994 16:15:07 -0700
Subject: West Coast Contester to vis
Message-ID: <n1441202985.24251 at smtp.esl.com>

                       Subject:                               Time:4:09 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          West Coast Contester to visit Mo.      Date:6/6/94

soon I'll be visiting my sister-in-law near St. Louis, Mo. and
would love to drop by and see one of those famous BIG 
mid-west contest stations. Ill be there the week of June 20.

If you have any info, please E-mail me at Tim_Coad at smtp.esl.com.

Tim - NU6S

>From robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu>  Tue Jun  7 03:12:20 1994
From: robert penneys <penneys at freezer.cns.udel.edu> (robert penneys)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 22:12:20 EDT
Subject: Code reader wanted for handi-ham contester
Message-ID: <9406070212.AA10689 at freezer.cns.udel.edu>

My good buddy N3MEQ called me about a contester who has a severe hearing 
problem. He uses NA, likes CW, wants a code reader or such, is elderly and not
much #.

I had a Kam reader once and have seen some from AEA.

If you might have such a thing, or know of a software/hardware solution
so he might see some CW and still be in contest mode, please reach me

VHF contest a bust but CU FD!!

Tnx Bob

Bob Penneys, WN3K   Frankford Radio Club  Internet: penneys at pecan.cns.udel.edu
Work: Ham Radio Outlet (Delaware) (800) 644-4476;  fax (302) 322-8808
Mail at home:  12 East Mill Station Drive   Newark, DE 19711  USA

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