M/S 10 minute rule issue

N0bsh at aol.com N0bsh at aol.com
Thu Jun 16 00:24:34 EDT 1994

I had always thought there was some rule that said a transmitter could not be
used with more than one callsign during the contest period (with the
exception of a family station).  However, upon reading last year's CQWW rules
I could not find that - must only be ARRL contests.

Even if there was such a rule I suppose some would argue that multi-ops are
one big happy family anyway.  And then what if the muti-single consists of
the husband, wife, brother-in-law, little Junior, . . .

Hmmm. . .              

Mike  N0BSH
n0bsh at aol.com

>From Tom Frenaye <0002349723 at mcimail.com>  Thu Jun 16 05:33:00 1994
From: Tom Frenaye <0002349723 at mcimail.com> (Tom Frenaye)
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 23:33 EST
Subject: Contacting ARRL re DX/Contests
Message-ID: <74940616043347/0002349723PK4EM at mcimail.com>

I've seen a couple of messages over the last week or two that probably
could have saved some bandwidth by being directed to the right place,
and a few messages from people who said they hadn't received responses
to questions asked of ARRL (thru letters?).

You can reach the ARRL DXCC folks at:   DXCC at ARRL.ORG

and those in the ARRL Contest Branch at: CONTESTS at ARRL.ORG

Should those not work to your satisfaction, you can reach Chuck Hutchinson,
K8CH, who manages both areas at:  CHUTCH at ARRL.ORG

Going up the line you can send e-mail to Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, ARRL Executive

Hope that helps -  73 Tom   K1KI   2349723 at MCIMAIL.COM or TFRENAYE at ARRL.ORG

(If it would help, I have a longer list of ARRL HQ addresses accessable
 through Internet addresses and would be happy to post it - abt 300 lines)

>From bgarratt at hookup.net (Barry Garratt)  Thu Jun 16 05:36:07 1994
From: bgarratt at hookup.net (Barry Garratt) (Barry Garratt)
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 00:36:07 -0400
Message-ID: <199406160436.AAA22777 at noc.tor.hookup.net>

>Well, it is now JUNE.  The WPX 93 PHONE RESULTS were published in MARCH.
>Since the deadline for CQ is at least TWO MONTHS ahead of time, Steve
>Bolia, N8BJQ, the contest manager for the WPX contest, should have known
>who the winners are probably back in JANUARY or FEBRUARY.  That is at least
>a good FIVE or SIX MONTHS ago.  Since I am entitled to small award, a 
>lousy certificate, I think it's high time Mr. Bolia put his money where

If its just a "lousy" certificate what are you getting so bent out of shape for.
As for Steve and his money. What money are we talking about?  He is a volunteer
and as such he does his CQ chores AFTER his regular job and his family

>his mouth is.  I really wouldn't mind so much, but the fact that this is
>my first win (Multi Single, 2 land call area) REALLY frustrates me.   
>How long does it REALLY take to print a certificate????  I can understand

To print a certificate probably not very long at all. The time comes though when
you have fill it in, roll it up and put it in the mailer, address a label 
and stick it on
the mailer, take all the mailers to the postoffice, buy the stamps and then put
them on the mailers. THAT takes time.

>some delay in plaques, but SIX MONTHS ???  I KNOW many have waited even
>longer, but what are we going to do?  Just stand by and let CQ get away
>with this???  If Mr. Bolia cannot handle his duties, then maybe he should
>step down as contest manager.   I sent him a letter over 2 WEEKS ago, and

Get away with what? Get away with having hard working dedicated people doing
a thankless job for them?
Maybe your right. Maybe its time they got a little thanks for what they do 
or are
you volunteering to take on the job.

>I have received NOTHING.  No certificate, no explanation, no letter.   If
>this is the way he (and CQ) treats the little guy, then I have no choice 
>but to boycott the WPX contest.  

The big guys don't them any faster either believe me.
Your choice of course.
Enjoy your "lousy" certificate when you get it.

Barry VE3CDX
Barry D Garratt                      internet: bgarratt at hookup.net
481 First Rd, West.                        
Stoney Creek, ON., Canada L8J 1X5    phone 905 573-0788

>From Morao Esteban <z801183a at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>  Thu Jun 16 12:08:19 1994
From: Morao Esteban <z801183a at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us> (Morao Esteban)
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 07:08:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: IRC's
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9406160700.A23926-0100000 at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us>

The IRC's deal in Venezuela quite confusing, sometimes you have to really 
fight with the postal worker to accepted. Is ilegal to send money ( CASH) 
through the mail. The exchange of $ in YV land is = 160 Bolivares to 
almost 200 Bolivares, all depend on the goverments mood.

Another you may be concern about is that Venezuela at this moment is 
pasing thru a situation that is not good. My recomendation is that "Yes 
send 2 IRC's, and try to send your QSL card via express register mail, 
which would be 90 % safe that they will recive without been open.

When YX0AI operation we receive at lease 400 qsl OPEN>>>> so just 

Hope I can help on any way on this subject,

73 to all from

Esteban J. Morao W4/YV5DTA
z801183a at bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us

Ex:YX0AI, 4M5I (CQ WW CW '93), YY5P, YX5LA, YV25ARV, YV5ARV, YW5N, 4M8X, 
YV5ENI/5, and others...

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