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Wed Jun 15 19:22:52 EDT 1994

Don G3XTT writes:

>Incidentally, there is a rumour that the UK may get something similar to 
>PRB1, by way of a new law which makes it illegal to try to stop people 
>pursuing their legitimate activities. This is designed to outlaw the hunt 
>saboteurs who use various methods to stop fox hunting (not a big issue in
>US I guess!?),

FOX HUNTING?  I guess I better watch myself if I ever go to the UK !!!

Scott KA9FOX
ka9fox at

>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek)  Thu Jun 16 22:00:46 1994
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek) (John Zapisek)
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 14:00:46 PDT
Subject: Lines, reels and ropes
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> [Bob/KR2J]  I've been fishing for many more years (30+) than I've been in
> ham radio (21) and have gotten pretty good at getting the line into the
> exact spot. . . .  I have used this method to reach heights of around 80'
> which is the highest tree I have had.

Yeah, but you haven't told us yet about the whopper tree that got away ;-)
73.  --John/K2MM

>From Hal Blegen" <halb at  Thu Jun 16 22:03:56 1994
From: Hal Blegen" <halb at (Hal Blegen)
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 14:03:56 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Wrist Rocket?
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I have tried wrist rockets, spinning rods, weights inserted into tennis 
balls (a little more neighborhood friendly on misses), kites and small-
light-climbers to get wires into trees.  Pine trees are the worst as they
seem to have the ability to snag and hold the smallest knot in your line 
and will leave your weight dangling 40 feet from the ground and no way
to get it back.  
I now use a 150 crossbow with a hole drilled in the feather end for the
line and a 3/8 x 3 in bolt full of washers in place of a tip (2 oz 
minimum) to get the bolt to drag the line to the ground.  I use 50lb
test monofiliment spooled from the factory spool which is pinned to the
ground at an appropriate angle with a long spike.  
At 90 feet the crossbow is one-shot accurate which solves the neighbor
problem before they are aware of what is happening.  Just be sure to 
check the lip of the spool on the side over which the line uncoils for
burrs and notches because if it snags on the early part of the the
release, the bolt will wind up in the next county.  
Crossbows sells for about $100 which makes sense if two or three hams
all want to put wires in trees and pay themselves $0.15 per hour using
spinning rods and slingshots.
When you attach the rope to your monofiliment to drag back through the
tree, tie it, fold the ends back along the rope and tape it to make a
smooth knott and it will usually pull back through the tree.  Lighter
monofiliment (less than 40-50 lb) usually gets hung when you try to 
pull the knott through the tree, breaks and then you get to do it all

Hal Blegen  WA7EGA
halb at

>From Thomas A. Collins" <0006726326 at  Thu Jun 16 22:41:00 1994
From: Thomas A. Collins" <0006726326 at (Thomas A. Collins)
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 16:41 EST
Subject: WPX Awards
Message-ID: <30940616214103/0006726326ND4EM at>

Well, N6TR, K5ZD and a few others had a few interesting comments.  FIRST,
let me give you the REST of the story.  About a week after the results were
published in CQ (IE: MARCH 94), I called CQ and inquired about the 
certificates.  One of the secretaries there explained that Mr. Bolia 
handles the mailing of the certificates.  I KINDLY asked if I could have
his phone number to call him.  She said sure and asked that I not call after
8 pm his local time.  I called him and asked him nicely.  He ASSURED me
that the certificate would go out "in a few weeks."  Well, "a FEW weeks" 
to me means 2 maybe 3 weeks.  TWO weeks ago, I sent Mr. Bolia a letter,
again asking where the certificate was.  I not received anything; no
letter, no certificate, nothing.   As far as "helping out," according to
K5ZD, I have not helped out in any other capacity, nor in a contest
capacity either.  Well, SIR, I assure you that I have done my share of
being part of comettees, etc; and as far as I am concerned, 
"Don't criticize, until you have walked in my shoes."   To you, I am 
not a "Big Gun Contester,"  but I am a fellow contester just the same.
I  may not be "Super OP" like you, but we are all in this together.
I am just airing my "gripe."  I didn't know it was "required" that IF
I "griped" (Especially on the contest reflector), that I had to chair
a contest.   Yes, we all have primary responsibilites, but as AA2DU
mentioned, WHY do we always have to wait "forever" for awards??  
Good Luck...
Tom KY2T

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