Beating Peter 1 to death!

Wed Jun 15 17:29:25 EDT 1994

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>Subject: Re:  Beating Peter 1 to death!

>Look at it this way:  Lots of atrocities are committed each year

>7)  sticking pins in VOODOO dolls of competing ms group

You mean I have to stop doing this?

Is it OK if I continue for single-op efforts?

  Doc NQ0I

>From Steve Harrison <sharriso at>  Wed Jun 15 17:47:34 1994
From: Steve Harrison <sharriso at> (Steve Harrison)
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 12:47:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Covenants, Restrictions
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On Wed, 15 Jun 1994, frank moore wrote:

> Bob KG7D writes:
> I believe that it is in the contest communities best interest to make it as 
> easy as possible to put up a contest station so that we can attract more
> contesters...

It certainly is, but you would never believe it from the knee-jerk 
reaction exhibited by many of the big-gun SO or MM ops who loudly object 
to any rule change that might make the playing field less hilly and rocky 
for the pipsqueaks and electron-squishers! Witness N6VI's frantic and premature 
appeal yesterday to oppose any possible VHF contest rule changes concerning FM

> I would like to see the ARRL become more active in this area. I would like to
> see them push the FCC to strengthen PRB-1 and even help hams defend court
> cases if the ham has acted in accordance with ordinances and CCRs.

Don't hold your breath expecting the ARRL to do any more than create 
another bunch of pretty, multicolor brochures...

> I wrote Dave Sumner with these ideas but haven't gotten a response. I guess
> I ask alot especially when the majority of the ARRL members are not
> contesters.I suspect that a no-code hams' antenna requirements are easier to
> meet than mine! Sorry for the soapbox guys...

Are you surprised that you did not get a response? If you ever do, break 
the news gently, many of us may not be able to withstand the excitement!
Certainly, the no-coders have lesser antenna requirements..they can only
transmit on bands where their height is about an eighth wavelength!

Most, if not many, of the Division Directors do listen to their 
constituents, and try to find ways to help solve or resolve problems of 
individual amateurs, especially ARRL members. But the buck stops at the 
ARRL Executive Board, which rarely seems to agree to allow anything 
philanthropic for the membership that is suggested by the Board of 
Directors. The ARRL is, after all, a business, albeit a non-profit one.

73, Steve KO0U/4 <sharrison at>

>From DFREY" <HARRIS.DFREY at IC1D.HARRIS.COM  Wed Jun 15 18:22:12 1994
Date: 15 Jun 1994 12:22:12 EST
Subject: CCR's, old houses, and zoning
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From: DFREY at QCY2
Date: 6/15/94 12:03PM
To: address at HARRIS
Subject: CCR's, etc

Before you buy a house in the old parts of town, go to the
town hall and see if there are any tower restrictions in the
town building code or zoning laws. I was miffed to discover
that we have a citywide zoning restriction on towers, the
result of an over exuberant ham/civil engineer who put up a
100' tower on a 100' wide city lot. His is now grandfathered
but we still pay the price....

Our zoning restriction states that if you put up a tower, it
must not fall over off your property, i.e. must have a setback
5' greater than its height. This requires an acre lot for a
100' tower.  Also, Illinois law makes city zoning apply for a
mile outside the city limits to accommodate future city

"Any antenna you got is better than one you wish you had."

dick, k4xu    dfrey at

>From J.P. Kleinhaus" <aa2du at  Wed Jun 15 18:58:10 1994
From: J.P. Kleinhaus" <aa2du at (J.P. Kleinhaus)
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 10:58:10 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: FR5DX
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Hey, here's a thread we haven't beaten to death twice this year yet!
While I fully agree that QSL'ing and contesting have little to do with
one another and I don't think that FR5DX should be disqualified from
contests for this reason, I think something is wrong here.
The QSL issue is a DXCC matter entirely...the QSL will not count for
more points in the contest. It has no bearing on scores etc.
However, many people (casual operators) play in the contest for the simple
reason that it will add to their DXCC totals. These casual ops are the
ones we need in order to have someone to work on Sunday afternoons. If they
decide that contesters don't QSL, they won't come back to play!

As far as QSL'ing FR5DX, I completely disagree with Dick Norton! I have
worked FR5DX more than 30 times over the last 3 years, both in and
out of contests. The ONLY time I have received a card was from N6AA's
operation came via the buro! I guess Dick didn't want a bad
rap. I have QSL'ed each and evry other contact more than once. Direct and
via the buro, via France and not Via France, with and without Reunion or
Africa or Indian Ocean on the envelope and finally with and without
Dollar Bills AND IRC's! I have not taken this lightly. I have also NEVER
received another card from FR5DX (including those critical 40 & 80
contacts)!! I am also not the only one I know in this situation (surprised?).
If this were a problem for everyone on Reunion, I would gladly take the
bait again, but that is not the case. A few months after every contact,
I get a card via the buro from FR5DD ( and others). I have QSL'ed these
stations on many occasions direct and via the buro. Each time, I hace
received a card back! Some are even un-solicited requests for cards.
Something smells really bad at FR5DX.

How can this be fixed? I don't know, but I don't think the answer lies
in contest DQ'ing. I do feel however that to DQ him from the DXCC program
will curtail his rampant disregard for other amateurs' QSL requests. By
all means, we should still be able to count the new double mult in the CQWW.

73, J.P. AA2DU

Please note (yet another) NEW address!!
aa2du at

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