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N0bsh at aol.com N0bsh at aol.com
Thu Jun 16 18:45:10 EDT 1994

>>  It's bad enough that we need to wait 11 months to see the results in

I always found it kind of "whets my appetite" for jumping into the fray
having the results published just before the contest.  In
ARRL contests I usually have to dig for the magazine that results were
in because it's been so long since they came out (a benefit of a PAID contest
staff).  With CQ contests the info is fresh and the
magazine hasn't been filed away yet - it's usually at or near the operating
position for reading during the slow times, score comparison,
extra motivation, etc...  (Of course the latest Frederick's catalog is always
within reach for "real motivation!!!")

As far as the certificates are concerned - I know it's been said before -
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE understand that the CQ contest committees
are all VOLUNTEER!!!!!  These people have REAL jobs, REAL families, REAL
problems.  They have other hobbies and interests.  They take
vacations.  In other words, they have REAL lives!  Yes, it takes a while
sometimes but the certificates do come.  I guess in this age of
instant gratification it's just hard for some to deal with this.  I've been
"dealing" with it for 15+ years (and others much longer.)  It is 
just part of the process.  Chill...

Mike  N0BSH
n0bsh at aol.com

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