Thu Jun 16 16:33:37 EDT 1994

With all the complaints, excuses, etc. about certificates - I noticed
no one has mentioned the ARRL. I've only been contesting for just over a
year so, I've just gotten two so far.  My problem is that the ARRL is just
a little too fast in mailing them out.  I got my last certificate and I'm
still waiting for the results to be printed in QST.  I had the same problem
with the other one I got last year. If this doesn't stop, I'm going to
get really mad. :-)  Doesn't anyone get there certificates at the right
time?  Maybe we could ask CQ and QST to enclose tearout certificates in
the magazines when the publish the results, THEN we could make sure
everything is just perfect. hihi

alan, N2ALE
ames at force.decnet.lockheed.com 

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