PVRC meetings?

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Mon Jun 20 11:58:54 EDT 1994

To PVRC members,

I'd like to know the dates/locations of any PVRC meetings in July and
August.  As I recall the Club generally meets informally at people's homes
during the Summer vice a regular Monday night meeting, but that may have
changed.  I may be in the DC area and would like to stop by if the meetings
correspond to my travel.  I'm an inactive member, dating from my one year
stint in DC back in '75.  Missed the on-the-air reunion this year for the
first time in a long while.

To those non-PVRCers, sorry about the bandwidth.

73--Jim, K6ZH

>From mwollnnn at reach.com (Marty Woll -- BA - Honolulu )  Mon Jun 20 19:29:47 1994
From: mwollnnn at reach.com (Marty Woll -- BA - Honolulu ) (Marty Woll -- BA - Honolulu )
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 94 14:29:47 EDT
Subject: WPX score N6VI/KH6
Message-ID: <9406201829.AA14366 at ad0.reach.com>

Single-band entry on 80 meters:

117 QSO's    234 Points   43 Mults

Final Score  10,062

Operating time: 3.5 hours

Only significant activity was during the
hour or two after Japan sunset.

de Marty Woll N6VI/KH6  <mwollnnn at reach.com>

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